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Admittedly, I’ve often avoided American Apparel like the plague, purely because it’s so damn expensive – so when I saw that there was a 30% off dresses code, I was sorely lured in. I’ve always been a fan of the easy-going, essentials vibe of their clothing but I’m prone to buying faddy clothes that I wear once and get sick of instead of investing in items that’ll become staples (e.g. the entirety of AA). So I decided to, using the hilarious excuse that it’s my birthday soon (by soon, in over two weeks, hmm), blow just under £100 in less than half an hour. Here are my picks:

Cotton Spandex Jersey Scoop Back Tank Dress in Red – RRP £38.00

Red + dark hair + pale = yesyesyes. I really like the sexy scoop back of this dress and I may even have to dare to bare by wearing it without a bra – look out Lancaster. The dress kind of speaks for itself really, slip it on with heels for a night out (and black tights if you’re as prudish as me) or team it with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a daytime outfit.

Cotton Spandex Jersey Underwire Bustier Dress in Black – RRP £46.00

The inspiration for buying this one came from seeing a picture of one of my friends on Facebook looking absolutely amazing in it – hoping I can pull it off even half as well! This slip-like dress is just beyond sexy: clings absolutely everywhere and I’m hoping the spandex element will ensure that it’s relatively flattering at all times. I am, however, cursing myself for the bowl of pasta I’ve just devoured and have begun craving a run since I pressed Order Now. Hmm…

Velvet Tank Thong in Green – RRP £30 in Sale at £15

This got put in the trolley because I wanted to get up to the £85 mark so I’d get Free Delivery – such a sucker for ‘offers’. I really like the colour and fit: hoping it’ll look cool with denim shorts or a flared skirt. Also, how amazing is that girl’s bum? Ahem.

Baby Rip Crop T in Black – RRP £20

Crop tops are looking to be a staple for Spring/Summer 2013 so I thought I may as well invest in a good quality one whist I’m at it. The outfit opportunities are endless here: I love the versatility of this shirt. But again, think I better get started on my stomach crunches and green teas…

Discount Code: DRESSESF0425 

The code is only valid for 3 hours and I’m not sure what time it started so be quick!

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