ASOS Sale Buys.

January 10, 2014



Well, well, well, ain’t it funny how the frequency of my posting increases exponentially when I have something I actually have to get done to a deadline? Not content with my sale picks at ZARA, I got tempted into the above beauties: primarily because I got sent a 20% off code for Christmas for being part of AccessAllASOS (thanks guys!). Now, you’ll know if you’re an avid reader, that I’ve actually wanted the Alexa Chung x Eyeko set for a while – it was part of my December Wishlist so I’m ridiculously excited to try this out. Is it me or, given that it’s an Alexa Chung related product, is there a weird lack of hype around this set? I’m hoping that isn’t anything to do with the quality, but I’ll be sure to post a review pretty much as soon as it arrives, anyway. I also featured the killer boots in my ASOS sale picks last week.

Now, if you’re aware of the fact that I’m currently trying to adopt the vegan lifestyle (to an extent), you’ll be quite perturbed to find two leather items in my picks. I’m not going to lie and feign total philanthropy: I’m only eating vegan, I’m not adopting it into every aspect of my life. Though I’ll never wear fur. I had to pick up these pieces – the quality for the price is just amazing and I saved so much money with the combination of the sale and my discount code:

ASOS Leather Pinafore Dress – £60 was £120

ASOS PREMIUM AFFLICTION Leather Ankle Boots – £34 was £85

Alexa for Eyeko Limited Edition ‘Eye Do’ Set – £35

When you factored in the 20% off, the basket only came to £103 – that’s a saving of nearly £140!

Have you bought anything from the ASOS sales?


8 comments on “ASOS Sale Buys.
  1. Can’t wait to here about the Eyekoko set! I love there liquid pen liner! Love the boots too, I wear leather and have a coat with a fur trim that was my nans, but I figure might as well rather than let it go to waste… bad human!
    Love Lucinda

    • Ebony Ebony says:

      I’m not fussed about leather but fur just seems too blatant for me to justify wearing. Can’t deny that it looks pretty though! Can’t wait to try the Eyeko stuff out – been scouring Selfridges for it to no avail! xo

  2. Avatar Rachel says:

    that leather pinafore dress was such a steal! great buys 🙂

    Rachel x

    • Ebony Ebony says:

      I know, right!? I’ve got this gorgeous French Connection shirt in mind for it that’s £21 down from £42 – just not sure I can justify buying yet after splurging today! xo

  3. Avatar JesskaDenise says:

    i’ve never needed anything more than i do those boots.x

  4. Avatar Ellie says:

    Great picks! That dress is especially gorgeous! 🙂
    Elephant stories and more

  5. You got some amazing bargains!! 🙂 I’ve been so tempted by the ASOS sale.
    I recently posted about some of the bargains I found in the sales. Would love if you could check it out, if you get the chance.
    Also I’m glad I stumbled across your blog – you’ve got a new follower here! 🙂

  6. Avatar Motilayo W says:

    Great buys,
    I love the leather dress!

    xo’ M

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