Chanel Opens Pop-Up Store in Covent Garden, London.

July 25, 2012
Welcome to Chanel No. 5 scented paradise.

Yesterday, Twitter was ablaze – half of London’s fashionistas were getting riled up for Karl Lagerfeld’s unveiling of his Olympic collection in Selfridges, whilst the others were dying for their dinner-breaks to run down to check out Chanel’s latest hype – a pop-up store which, to mark the occasion, was complimented by beautiful chic mimes and actual Chanel branded taxi cabs. The pictures were flooding in and I sat, in my dreary office faraway in Lancaster, cursing my inability to teleport.

The store is to remain open reportedly until December (there’s hope for me yet!), with the next milestone of excitement due in August, where the Chanel A/W2012 collection is said to be released – ahead of the rest of the UK. Amongst this come the rumours of Chanel giving the idea of traditional flower stalls a sophisticated makeover, treasure hunts in September and the constant possibility of bumping into some of London’s hippest inhabitants. At present, you can visit the store for a makeup consultation at the price of £25, which is redeemable against any product in the store – great value for money! It also homes the first Chanel nail bar to grace London; offering manicures at £20 – a mere £5 more than your average salon.

I think I may have to book myself a train ticket to check this place out and pick up a bottle of the latest ‘it’ Chanel Le Vernis colour – ‘Frenzy’, before I go wild with jealousy.

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