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Cheeky Model of the Finished Product.
About two months ago, I decided to sniff around on eBay to try and pick up some bargain Levi’s jeans to customise into shorts and sell back off again (or keep them myself if I fell in love) – so I ended up with three pairs of these jeans in their packaging until yesterday morning when I got a bout of inspiration (fuelled by the boredom of currently being laptop-less) and decided to get cracking on a pair. Have a gander at my design/creation process and, if you love them as much as I do, you can buy them on eBay from the finished picture links.

The Buys.
The First Stud of Many.
Getting Somewhere…
Random Burst of Inspiration – Naughty…

If you want to buy them for yourself or would like me to make you a pair – you can bid here or drop me a comment.

Also drop a comment if you’d like me to post a tutorial of how I made them!

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