Fresh Laces x Harvey Nichols: Official Blogger

January 28, 2014


True to my ever candid self, I’m just going to start this post with: I do not own a pair of fashionable sneakers. The only form of heart-racing trainers have evoked from me, thus far, comes only in the guise of mild palpitations at the prospect of my next run. I have often mused over the odd pair of hi-tops and, in all honesty, unless someone placed a pair of pristine burgundy size 3 hi-tops in front of me: I’m probably never going to wear sneakers as part of an #OOTD. Unless it was an #OutfitOfThe(run-related)Death. However, to broaden my horizons and hopefully change my mind on what has become one of the biggest trends in fashion over the year – I will be attending the Fresh Laces x Harvey Nichols event in Manchester this February – in fact, I’m one of their official bloggers, so here’s hoping!


6 comments on “Fresh Laces x Harvey Nichols: Official Blogger
  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    this sounds great, congrats on being one of their official bloggers! 🙂

    Rachel x

  2. Avatar ltbeautyblog says:

    How exciting, looking forward to seeing what cute trainers they have.

  3. Avatar bhavi says:

    Congrats hope you find the perfect pair!

    MyLushBox | YouTube | Bloglovin


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