Gossip Girl Outfit Breakdown #1: Blair’s Preppy High School Look.

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As mentioned very vaguely a few days ago on the blog, I’m now going to be a doing a Gossip Girl Outfit Breakdown every single day until the première of  Gossip Girl Season 6 on October 8th. Each post will contain information about where you can find similar items of clothing to replicate the styles of your favourite GG characters, without breaking the bank. If I start posting too much Blair, shout at me – her style is just amazing. Please feel free to leave me an outfit request from your favourite look (of any episode in any season!) and I’ll put it in the queue for the next few days and put you a post up!

It’s hard to believe that it was 5 years ago when Blair Waldorf first popped up on our TV screens across the world. Since then, with the help of Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman, she has been causing serious wardrobe envy – especially for me! I was then and will probably be forever in love with Blair’s high school fashion, and it’s always nice to realise how easily (and incredibly inexpensively) you can recreate some of the looks…


In the first couple of Gossip Girl series, Blair was often (like the rest of Constance) seen wearing a white shirt – which must’ve been some very lax guideline surrounding their uniform – it’s far from the bottle green blazer I had to wear in high school! Whilst most of the other characters opted for plain white shirts, Blair’s were often adorned with some kind of detail – namely ruffles. Given that her neck ties were probably either DIY-d or bought from somewhere ridiculously chic and bank-loan-worthy, you might want to give making your own a go too. This would be easy to replicate, simply buy some ribbon (preferably in red or navy), position around your neck – leaving a few inches spare to make the tie – then cut the ends into triangles so they don’t fray and secure with a pin. Lovely!

Lace Ruffle Front Shirt – Topshop – £36

Here is a great example of a Blair-esque blouse, fine detail around the collar with a sensible amount of ruffles around the top buttons. I also really love the slightly poofy sleeves! Perhaps with this shirt you would want to merely tie some ribbon around the inner collar and tie in a bow around the neck, instead of cutting it to size. Always remember to triangle off the edges though – A Waldorf would never look frayed!


Given that this is a very schoolgirl-ish look, it’s pretty easy to track down a pleated knee length skirt. You could also jazz it up a little by wearing a peplum skirt, as these are very on-trend now (not sure about 2007 when it aired though!). Predictably, I would probably style mine with a bold print skirt, maybe in stripes, plaid or houndstooth – just for a little pizazz and variation.

Ribbed Pleated Skirt Navy – Topshop – £34

There isn’t much that needs to be said about the skirt, only that it should be slightly above the knee – nothing too slutty but, then again, nothing too prudish either.


Blair has an amazing collection of coats and jackets, but most from the first couple of series were very bold and block-coloured, generally in navy or red to correspond with her school colours. You don’t have to jump to the exact styles that Blair is seen in on the show, as they’re bound to be from somewhere incredible like Barney’s or Harvey Nich’s – not sure about you, but way out of my budget! Think tailored, smart but still fun and flirty in some detail.

Boucle Navy Skirted Peplum Coat – Miss Selfridge – £75

As soon as I saw this glorious high street equivalent, I was like “Yes!” – this is prim and proper enough to be something Blair would have hung up next to her D&G, but still quirky with its military buttons and peplum waist.


Here’s the fun bit where you really get to go to town with your styling! All you really need to keep in mind with Blair’s accessories is bold but ladylike. Bright colours are predominant in her wardrobe and again, given the time period of this look, traditional colours are really important – blacks, navy and reds. Think socialite handbag when looking for your bag, I wouldn’t go for anything too small – but nothing hideously big either – just your average sized handbag. Maybe you could get a slightly nautical themed bag given the red white and blue palette?

Red Edge Painted Small Satchel – Accessorize – £35

 Red Double Bow Belt – Accessorize – £10

Burgundy Over-The-Knee Socks – Topshop – £6

Red Classic Bow Alice – Accessorize – £4


To tie the look together, you want to look for some cute but practical flats for Blair’s school style. Loafers or pumps will be perfect, but make sure they look more expensive than what you paid for them – the “Manhattan Elite” unfortunately have a much bigger budget than my student one! Think whites, browns or blacks. Navy can be good too.

MARCUS2 Loafers – Topshop – £28

If you’re a student (lucky us!), don’t forget that all of the above items are from stores that accept student discount cards – you can save at least 10%! Be sure to check back here daily for another Upper East Side injection before October 8th – and drop me a request for your favourite outfit – regardless of the character! xoxo


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