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After an absolutely terrible week, I finally decided to get out of my sorry state of bed-sulking and get back out there – to Liverpool Fashion Live at the Pan America bar at the Albert Docks on Thursday. Brilliant idea! The event was created by two businesswomen from Liverpool, Ruth and Caz, who had grown tired of the pretentiousness of fashion events and decided to host their own where the attributes of everyday people were appreciated. The catwalks showed models from ages 14 to 80, all shapes and sizes – as a celebration of all kinds of beauty…

I ended up braving the event alone, mooching around Liverpool in the dark with the ever-reliable iPhone Maps hopelessly trying to help me find my destination. After giving that up as a bad job and trying to stop myself look like a tourist/potential mugging victim, I called my dad who sorted me out with proper directions. When I walked in, I was completely taken aback. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting prior to arriving, but booths and booths of men and women dressed up to the nines, sipping champagne mustn’t have been it. That was very clear, upon looking down at my solely Urban Outfitters-sourced outfit of a sexy but slouchy cut-shoulder top, black tube skirt and black creepers – hmm. Not to be deterred, I hastily jammed my huge parka in my equally over-sized handbag and headed straight for the bar – double vodka and coke please!

The bottom floor of the bar was divided into three areas: a small cordoned-off area for the models to relax and get ready, a room that encased those aforementioned glitzy folk in booths and a room with the stage that was to hold the catwalk shows. After getting a decent amount of my drink down me, I decided to explore upstairs, which had a VIP section to its left and a selection of brand stands on its balcony – overlooking the stage, which I thought was a nice touch. Brands that I had a good chat with and left a lasting impression on me included Stella & Dot with the lovely Liz, Susan Styles You, Lucky Cat Vintage and Jaydah Jewellery. I must say that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Stella & Dot jewellery and the pieces handpicked for Lucky Cat Vintage – two companies that I’m hoping to work with soon.

After networking for a little while, I popped out for a smoke and saw a girl holding a phone clutch purse like the one I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters, replaced twice and then switched for a hard case cover. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity to get talking, I asked her if it was from UO and explained my debacle with mine – but luckily, hers was from Topshop! It transpired that she was at the event alone too,  covering it for Ace Liverpool magazine – so we decided to hang out together and watch the shows. She was really lovely and we got on really well – but I can’t find her anywhere on Twitter/Facebook, if anyone knows her – I’m pretty sure she was called Adele.

The catwalk shows began with an introduction from a representative of Claire House Childrens’ Hospice, who were sponsoring the event. An incredibly touching video was then shown which conveyed the work that the charity does for young children and especially their families, when they’re suffering from life-long illnesses – I was in danger of having a panda eye situation. You really ought to check out the charity – the cause really is worthy.

A Lucky Cat Vintage dress that I fell madly in love with.

The first shows included Lucky Cat Vintage and Pop Boutique – which were great, though I was growing increasingly angry at my camera, which is seemingly incapable of taking pictures of anything but vain self-portraits. Unfortunately, after quickly popping upstairs to network a little more and try out the photobooth (Oh, and bump into Gaz from Geordie Shore – who I am not ashamed to say I had no idea even existed) – I had to leave for my train. My new journo friend “Adele” (I’m so sure she said Adele!) gave me a crazy lift back, with me getting on the train with literally seconds to spare – the last one until morning, phew. I had a print out from the photobooth but Adele nabbed it off me as apparently she looked bad – the sod!

We also managed to blag ourselves some goody bags for being press – which I shall be checking out and will surely mention on a post soon. Did you attend Liverpool Fashion Live? Did you love it too? Let me know your thoughts on events in the North West – and where I need to be next!

Ebony xo

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  1. Great blog! What a fun night it was – always love seeing the gorgeous girls in Liverpool and the fabulous fashion. Fantastic to meet you Ebony and hope to working together soon!
    I’m recruiting across the UK so please get in touch if you know any women who would like a fun, flexible job in fasion!

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