Miley Cyrus Bares All (Again) For W Magazine

February 7, 2014


Pretty sure I’ve seen more of Miley Cyrus’ skin than I have my own, of late. The infamous pop sensation just can’t seem to keep enough of her clothes on – despite having a bank balance that would easily dress half of Europe in Chanel. As something of a self-proclaimed Miley-cynic, I usually can’t help myself from writing scathing pieces about her latest faux-pas but today, I’ve hit a crisis: I may actually like these images.

For once, Cyrus’ new look is almost, dare I say it: tasteful. Instead of tacky barely-there Santa girl costumes, or hideously niptastic fishnet monstrosities, this shoot is stripped back in all the right ways. Yes, she may be completely starkers but this time, she’s looking more Donatella Versace than dirt cheap, right? And even better, there’s not a hint of Robin Thicke in sight.

Of course, the subtlety of her sexuality on the cover doesn’t last long, as the inner spread reveals shots of her getting back into that aforementioned ‘niptastic’ mode. However, even though I’m caught face-to-face (or should I say nip-to-face) with her ‘bangerz’, I don’t want to start pelting things at my laptop screen in disgust this time. Maybe it’s because her tongue is well and truly at bay, or maybe it’s because of the artsy monochrome effects – maybe it’s simply because those bleached brows slightly disguise the fact that she’s actually Miley Cyrus. I just can’t hate it.

If this was some foresight into a new era of Miley, I may actually end up hanging up my bitch crown and becoming – perish the thought… a fan. Admittedly, amidst jealousy and judgement, it’s sometimes too easy to forget that Miley is just a young 20-something, just like me. Saying which: you wouldn’t find me licking sledgehammers on your average Friday night. I guess all I’m trying to say is: keep doing what you’re doing, girl – we’ve all seen enough of your nether regions by now.

Over to you guys: are you a fan of this side of Miley? Have W Magazine helped change your tune, too? Drop me a comment or hit me up @Ebzo – I can talk about this girl all day, trust me…



8 comments on “Miley Cyrus Bares All (Again) For W Magazine
  1. Avatar Ria Louise says:

    Wow! She looks completely different in these photos, I have to say I’m with you on this one. Not too shabby Miley!

  2. Avatar Beth says:

    I actually thought at first these photos were of lady gaga! she really looks completely different, even those these photos are more tasteful than what we’ve seen of late I still miss the ‘old’ her but everyone goes through change!

  3. Avatar Hayley says:

    I’m a big fan of Miley, always have been – I just really dislike the way she’s been acting recently with all the tongue hanging out and the twerking. I can understand that her level of fame will be difficult to deal with at her age, but it’s just so tacky. I love this stripped back version of her, in W and in the most recent issue of Love. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new and more mature Miley.


    • Ebony Ebony says:

      We can only hope – I used to think she was cool enough – back when we were both like, 15 – before she turned into some media monster. Hopefully yeah, she tones it down now, or at least takes a more mature attitude to her appearance.

  4. Avatar eleanorfleet says:

    I can’t believe those images are of Miley Cyrus!
    Like anyone, she has to grow up. I wish she could do it with her tongue IN her mouth, but at the end of the day she has to grow up in the light of everyone and media. She’s done well! Everyone is talking about her! 😀
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  5. Still in disbelief those photos are actually her! There’s hope yet!
    Love lucinda

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