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I have news. I have colossal news and, my sweet Mary Jesus and Joseph (paying homage to Grandma there: this post wouldn’t exist without you), you would not believe how psyched I am. The second half of yesterday was spent in a perpetual state of on-the-brink-of-awesome tears and, despite fending them off, I still went to bed with exhausted little piggy eyes and a racing brain. So, what’s happened/happening, you ask? Well… after spending the last six months nurturing an unrelenting sense of financial doom, and fearing that I’d end up stuck back in a box room at my mum’s after university, I finally discovered: I can move to London! It must be the karma train after this monstrosity of a year I’ve had, but everything seems to be aligning amazingly – I came into some money (for the second time ever, I ain’t no trust-fund baby, believe me), and now I’m going to be viewing flats this Wednesday with a view to move in sometime next month. Excited isn’t the word!

Now I have two options. Given I have two job interviews in London on Wednesday, I can hope that I’ll score one of those and start on the career ladder straight away. Otherwise, I’m going to use this (incredibly rare) time in my life to take advantage of the situation (of, uh, being taken advantage of by the fashion industry) and seek out fancy internships whilst I still have enough income to stay alive and, most importantly, well dressed. Today I’m calling out to you wonderful fashion folk and asking:

  • Where’s best to live? I’m eyeing up flats in Kensington and Holloway as we speak.
  • Where are all my London-dwelling fashion bloggers at?
  • Am I going to survive? (sod that, I’m ‘ard as nails)
  • Also – is there ANYWHERE in London where you can get a rental and still get a cat?

I cannot wait to properly start my life, get my blog at the forefront of my life and get really involved in Britain’s heart of the fashion industry. Has anyone else got any stories of London life they’d like to bestow upon me? Something tells me I might need some guidance…

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5 thoughts on “NEWS: ELNfashion is moving.

  1. Lucky you! I spent some time in London last summer whilst training as a makeup artist and completely fell in love. Unfortunately it would be impossible for me to move there (I live in Manchester to) as I have a mortgage here and kids so to get a house the size I have here in London I would have to pretty much be a millionaire! Good luck with your interviews & enjoy London & life xxx

    1. If you’re ever in the area, drop me a line – coffee should happen. On the plus side: at least you have a mortgage – I am only 21 but I have absolutely no idea as to when I’ll be able to afford one… Thank you, I hope everything’s happy plain sailing for you too! 🙂 xxx

  2. Good on you! London will be the place to be for you, take advantage of being able to do amazing internships- I’d have loved to go intern there but didn’t know anyone I could stay with and no windfalls for me. I’m sure you’ll find something awesome, hopefully a fully paid job, you’re already interviewing so that’s fantastic. I can’t help on where to live, only been a handful of times! I liked Hoxton when I stayed there last and a fashiony friend of mine is moving to Brixton. Good luck and well done on what youve achieved so far! Katie xxx

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