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It’s been so, so long since I actually sat down and bothered doing anything even remotely funky with nail art and, given that my English Literature exam’s in three days, it’d never looked more appealing. After writing my earlier review on Model’s Own varnishes, I decided to adopt the ‘Peach Sherbet’ colour as a base, with their white base ‘Snow White’ on my thumbs for something a bit different. I really like contrast nails so try to put a stripe on one nail and invert the colour scheme when I can. You’re going to need all the desk/tabletop you can muster with this one – mount it if necessary – slippy hands are a bitch.

I’d already applied a generous coat of Barry M’s lifesaver in a bottle: base/top coat to give my painting a decent chance of surviving my atrocious painting skills, then a good hour after all coats had dried (two each of the colours for a good effect), I used a white nail art pen on my fingers (from one of those Argos sets, I think the brand’s Rio – thanks to my sister for letting me nab them oh so long ago) for a polka dot effect, then did a peach stripe up each thumb, finishing that off with more white polka dots for this really cute summery effect.


Now, all I need is a pale denim jacket, beach curls, a flower headband and some Pandora rings and I’m cutesy festival ready – just a little prematurely! Unless you’re a lucky sod going to Field Day on the 25th. If you are, I hatechu a little.

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2 thoughts on “NOTD: Pretty Polka Peach Sherbet Nails.

  1. That Models Own polish is the perfect shade. Very pretty for summer. The only nail art I have ever managed to do is dots & they turned out so bad on my right hand. I need way more practice.

    1. Isn’t it lovely? Oh don’t worry, it takes me so long to get it done alright – doesn’t help being a perfectionist and throwing the towel in half the time. Give it a go – practise! 🙂

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