Obligatory Introductory Post.

January 9, 2012

It’s been around three long years since I last had a proper, written blog and, given I’m an Undergraduate English Language student – it’s a bit lax. There isn’t a particular theme for this blog, more an excuse for me to exercise my brain a little and an outlet for me to bitch and moan about things that irk me, or to gush over the things I love.

For a current example, I’d quite happily write a post bitching about the fact that I have an essay due on the 20th and a huge book that corresponds with it, that I cannot be bothered reading. Conversely, I’d write an ‘on-the-fence’ post about Lana Del Rey – a hot topic of discussion at the moment – blurring the lines between indie and pop mainstream, one shot of Botox at a time. Finally, if I were to write a post about something I currently love, it’d be about The Civil Wars, or the joys of Student Finance and the January Sales.

Today, however, I think I have to concentrate on the damn essay…

About Me: 

  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Likes: IndieFolk, Laura Marling, 40s tea dresses, ice-skating, owls, transcribing with the IPA, mandatory mention of my lovely boyfriend, Reddit, sex, Band of Horses, Everything Everything, Fionn Regan, eating healthily and, most finally, learning to enjoy life.
  • Dislikes: Early mornings, starkly-expressed emotion, the joys of my social anxiety, people who take themselves too seriously and tomatoes.


One comment on “Obligatory Introductory Post.
  1. Avatar Mark L. says:

    Your gushing sends shivery & tingly emotional responses down my spine.

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