On Repeat: Everything Everything – Man Alive.

January 10, 2012

I happened upon this album as a result of Spotify stalking a good few months ago and now I’ve got tickets to go and see them in February, so they’re back on super-repeat again. If you like harmony-riddled, synth-infused indie/synth-pop/alternative eccentricities, you may want to check this album out. Ridiculously cheap at the moment for £3.99 on Amazon, give it a bash. Or Spotify it if you’ve got any sense.

One thing that slightly pisses me off about the band was this, though: “I was making music in my bedroom [during my childhood]. My one rule was not to sound like anyone else.” Leader Singer – Jonathan Higgs. Maaaaan, you’re so unique. Then again, I am quite hard-pressed to find a band that they sound similar to, admittedly…

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