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Actually, this was not an OOTD at all, nor was it for today – but it was for a night out/meal with a friend on Friday night. I’d just bought the hat, jumper, shoes and ring, meaning I was desperate to try them out of the house – so I put my flouncy dresses aside for the night and went casual for the town. Here’s a quick run-down of that day’s purchases:

  • New Look Monochrome Jumper – £19.99 to £9.99

I’ve finally accepted that it isn’t getting any warmer and that it’s getting impossible to wear anything that isn’t made of wool without a jumper/cardigan – so I’m on the constant look out for Summer-Autumn transition pieces, like this relatively thin but still cosy jumper in monochrome that will go with practically anything. The item is no longer on the website from the looks of it, but might be in the Sale section instore – click here to see a similar piece.

STUDENTS: If you’re in university and have a New Look store in your area, you may want to note the date of their lock-in – a night in the store where all students can get 20% off all items, brilliant for filling up that fresher wardrobe!

How cute is this hat? Not that you can particularly see it in this picture, but it’s lovely and fluffy – I’ve barely taken it off since I bought it. Looks so chic with curly hair, which should be easy to achieve when I get my Sleep-In Rollers this week. As always, I struggled going in there and buying one thing, so this following little beauty got me this time…

I saw this and had to buy it – namely because it is adorable but also because it’s one of very few rings that actually matches the gold/emerald ring that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday.

  • New Look Limited Edition Real Leather Studded Brogues – £45 to £14 (Wow)

I think these presented me with one of those seldom-seen moments of ‘Sale Fate’ – these were dumped in with some random shoes, waiting for somebody blessed with pathetically small Size 3 feet like myself to come whisk them up and take them home – But come on, what a reduction! I thought they were from the childrens’ selection but from the looks of it, they were adults’ limited editions. My staple winter shoes now, perfect with a lacy sock – cute!


As for my nails, I painted them with Barry M’s Raspberry then did a mediocre job of drawing crosses on with nail art pens – looked nice from a distance haha. I’m also wearing an Urban Outfitters Peter Pan Collar Burgundy dress underneath the jumper.

Have you had any style steals recently?

Ebony xo

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