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Okay, I may’ve slightly overdone it with the Duty Free buys, but I’m enjoying having a lot to write about! This time I’m going to talk about one of Benefit’s handy little miniatures kits: the Tropicoral. I got lured into buying this when I was trying out the new foundation that I reviewed the other day and ended up just having to have the whole works done – you know how it is. The first thing, and the quintessential point with any Benefit product is: Daaang, check out that packaging. I have quite a thing for their silly wordplay with each and every piece. Check out this beauty:

I’m not usually one to go for miniatures sets, as they tend to be more of a gimmick than a ‘necessity’, but for less than £25 (or £20 if you happen to be jet-setting and passing through a Duty Free), it seemed pretty good value. I’ve also had one of the same-sized lip tints before that I got in a magazine, and it lasted absolutely ages. The box contains the following: a Cha-Cha lip and cheek tint, a High Beam highlighter, some Coralista powder blusher with brush, and a Coralista lip gloss, as shown below.

Here’s a breakdown of each product:

  • Cha-Cha lip and cheek tint – 9/10

It was this and the highlighter that led me into this purchase – the coral colour was a little difficult to resist and I was primarily looking for a lip product for my holiday that wouldn’t be as brash as my usual red lipstick (red lipstick + red ‘tan’…). The woman at the Benefit stall told me to pop three little blobs of the colour just below the cheekbone and rub in. Also, don’t be afraid of the colour as it’s bright coral-y orange until you put it on and then it weirdly transforms into a flattering pink-y coral. One thing that I didn’t like about this product, and the only reason behind me not rating it as a 10/10 is that, if you use this blusher without a relatively dewy complexion from moisturiser/foundation, it won’t rub in properly and you’ll be fashioning a queer rash-like look.

  • High Beam highlighter – 10/10

Can’t really fault this stuff, it really does work. Just three blobs on the point of your cheekbones, rub it in and your face looks instantly more defined. It has a lovely sheen that vaguely sparkles in sunlight: works an absolute treat with their brightening foundation. Another tip is to apply it on your brow bone, which really accentuates your eyebrows and keeps you looking sharp and alert.

  • Coralista blusher and brush – 9/10

I haven’t really used much of this product, just dabbed a little over the top of the Cha-Cha tint to get a more matte finish. The colour compliments everything in the set wonderfully and is great if you’re looking for a lighter blush (probably would’ve been a good idea to opt for this when I wasn’t wearing any other make-up the other day and the Cha-Cha tint came out blotchy).

  • Coralista lip gloss – 9/10

If you’re looking for a stronger lip-look, slicking a smidge of this gloss over the top of your Cha-Cha tinted lips will do the trick. The gloss isn’t overly sticky and stays on well, but I’m not much of a fan of glosses as a rule.

I’d definitely recommend this set, or one of the similar-styled, different-colour-schemed ones, depending on your skin tone/preferences. The little bottles are perfect for nights out as they’ll fit in even the tiniest handbags – better than taking out an expensive M.A.C or Estêe Lauder lipstick and chancing losing it! I may edit this post with some colour-swatch pictures soon.

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