Review: Models Own Varnish (Peach Sherbet/Juicy Jules/Pinky Brown Beetlejuice)

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Recently I was sent these lovely Models Own polishes to review and today, I finally got a minute to try them all out – though I have been sporting the glittery ‘Juicy Jules’ for the past few days. I’m quite a fan of Models Own; they’re reasonably cheap, they stay on pretty well and they come in a brilliantly vast range of colours and styles. I need to get my hands on some of their nail art pens now! Also, apologies in advance for my grim 6-year-old hands.

‘Juicy Jules’ – £5.00


I really like this polish. It’s easy to wear, won’t really clash with any possible outfit choice you can think of – and it’s the perfect office-night out colour. One teeny tiny point though: it’s a little bitch to get off. I have some nail varnish remover pads and they were no match for the eerie strengths of Juicy Jules: I had to stand for 5 minutes at work with my hands in a bowl of varnish to soak it off. This polish looks best either with one thin layer over another shade, or packed on in about three coats if you’re planning on wearing it alone. Above, I’m wearing two coats (I took it off afterwards to wear the nude shade that also features).

Peach Sherbet – £5.00


I got this out of the packaging and was immediately dubious: my pasty, pink-y toned skin and something this pale, really now? However, upon application, I was pleasantly surprised as it offers a nice tone that is more pink-based than the orange that I was fearing at the word ‘peach’. After trying out the three colours, I settled on this one. Teamed with dark colours, this’ll really stand out beautifully – giving a girly yet sophisticated slant to a black leather jacket, or skinny jeans. And hey, Harper’s Bazaar had ‘pale nails’ as a S/S2013 trend: you can’t go wrong here.

Pinky Brown Beetlejuice – £5.00 


This is an endurance test in a bottle. For a beauty blogger, I must admit that I am severely handicapped when it comes to nail varnish application: I have the most ridiculously shaky hands and not one ounce of patience, so my nail attempts often end in raised blood pressure and the odd tear, just to be abandoned altogether with a defeated reach for the varnish remover. So, this little beauty was a challenge for me: it doesn’t look anywhere near optimised until you reach at least the second coat – but I’d really suggest you go for three for the full effect. When you get it right, it’s marvellous: rich, almost-3D effect with a glitter underlay. Lovely stuff. Just bring your patience and some q-tips.


On the whole, I really like these polishes. My favourite would have to be ‘Juicy Jules’, solely for its versatility and how damn good it looks in reality (sorry iPhone, you’re just not doing us justice, here). At the moment, you can get £5 off when you buy 5 polishes on the Models Own website. Bargain. Or you can get 10%  off your first order if you buy Models Own on For more varnish ideas, check out Littlewood’s nailcare selection – popular brands such as Models Own, OPI, Butter and Barry M all feature.

I’ve got quite the Models Own collection now: over ten bottles, which is hilarious given I usually only wear black. If I was to give one piece of constructive criticism to Models Own, it’d be please, please, please sort your bottles out and stop being so stingy with the glue: so often I’ve gone to tentatively open a bottle with still-wet nails, and the lid comes off without the actual brush. Urrr?

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