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This month I received my first SheSaidBeauty box in the mail, after using their 25% off offer that I blogged about a few weeks ago. Given that I’ve never bought/subscribed to a beauty box before, I had very little idea of what I’d be receiving – and I wasn’t completely disappointed with what I got!

Here’s what I got in my August SheSaidBeautyBox:

I absolutely loved this little bottle – it was as though the box was made for me as it came just before I left for Green Man Festival, meaning it was perfect for a little dab here and there to keep me fresh. Fresh is the operative word here – it’s crisp and natural, yet still vaguely fruity. I was devastated to find that I managed to drop the little bottle out of my parka after lying on it in the sun, which is leaving me very tempted to pick some up – especially now I’ve run out of Gucci Guilty! I would recommend this if you like natural yet sophisticated smells. The bottle is adorable and looks expensive yet funky. I’m very tempted to invest in the 400ml bottle which is only £33.60 at present, instead of £48! However, I did notice that the product didn’t go down particularly well on the SheSaidBeauty website reviews – with many people finding it a little old and musky, which I found bizarre given that I’m the first person to turn my nose up at overly musky smells. Give it a sniff yourself.

These were the biggest disappointment in the box for me – I saw the houndstooth print picture on the sample sheet and got really excited (if you read my blog often, you’ll know I’m quite the fan of the pattern), only to discover that I had some really bizarre ones that were nowhere near to houndstooth. Unfortunately, I can’t even give you a review of how easy they were to apply, as I really don’t want to put them on – as you’ll see from the picture, unless you’re a 13-15 year old – they’re a bit hideous. I think I’ll give them to my little sister, she might like them. If anyone still fancies them and would like to do a trade, drop me a comment at the bottom.  At £1.90 a pack, I think I’d only purchase them if it was for a fancy dress occasion, as they are very bright and vibrant.

I’ve already written a review of this before the August box came out but I received another one in my box so I thought I’d review again (also my post has disappeared from the SheSaidBeauty site, weirdly). I really like this product, it does exactly what it says it’s supposed to. It goes on nicely with a decent consistency, it’s long-lasting and the tube is perfect for slipping in your handbag. The only downsides to this product are that it smells a bit weird, leading it to taste horrible sometimes – I’ll often forget that I’m wearing it and think that whatever I’m eating has gone off! Secondly, my boyfriend is forever using it as he likes it too! I’m very glad to now have two tubes of this product though – I’d probably buy it again as well, despite the incredibly pricey £12 RRP. From the looks of it, the product is currently out of stock as I’ve scoured the website and it’s seemingly not on there – though given the amount of samples that have been flying around from the company soon, I’m pretty sure it’ll be back up in the next few weeks.
I’ve yet to actually use this product as I’m planning on going back to black with my hair colour very soon, so I’ve been saving it for when I’m freshly dyed – to see if it actually makes any difference. I will mention the product in a post about my hair that’ll be coming up in the next few days as I intend to dye my hair tonight, hopefully! I love the packaging though, it looks expensive and classy – something I’d like to keep on my dressing table. Other reviewers have been very positive about the leave-in spray treatment so I’m hoping I’ll see some nice results too!
These were a cute little addition to my box, though I doubt I’ll ever have much need for them. Unless you have particularly oily skin, these are just an expensive but adorable accessory. I apply my powder maybe once or twice a day and then I don’t need anything else, but I can see where they’d come in handy if you were in a hot country or wearing make-up whilst exercising. At £7.95 for 6 20-leaf booklets, I doubt I’ll be buying my own – though I may take advantage of the 10% off code in the box!
The first thing about this toothpaste is that it is worryingly tasty. I often feel like I want to just eat the tube. Again, this was another godsend to my box as I received it just as I was going away to two consecutive festivals and I’d actually forgotten to buy a tube of paste. It does the trick of a normal toothpaste but, as I smoke on occasion, it was difficult to note whether or not it has actually been doing my teeth any good. If it was a little cheaper, I’d buy it solely for the taste – it’s yummy!
All-in-all some products made up for others in the box, so I’ll probably leave it for the next month and see what I think of that box. What did you get in your August box and what did you think of it? Again, if you want to swap for my nail foils – drop me a comment. Also, if you’ve noticed – we’re on the new website now – what do you think of it?
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