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Dubiously Dressed Celebrities of the Day.

December 12, 2013

After the glee-filled writing process and reception I got from yesterday’s Miley Cyrus piece, I thought I’d continue on a mildly sarcastic thread – I may even make this post a weekly feature if it is well received. Every single day, as I get bombarded with media snaps of celebrity appearances, like so many of us, I get overwhelmed with the urge to scream “But I could’ve done so much better with all your money, what is wrong with you, why why why *incomprehensible mumbles of jealousy*” at magazines/Perez TV/’the wall. So, in a gloriously petty act of poor-person-with-good-taste solidarity, here are some of my favourite blunders of the day:

  • Rita Ora – The Dorchester Hotel – 11/12/2013


To get this look, and a number of quizzical ones from your adoring public, I’d suggest taking on the persona of a panto-character with a severe case of multiple personality disorder. On the bottom, we’re going for the covetable role of ‘giraffe extra’ in ‘The Lion King’, moving up to a haphazard stab at channelling Aladdin with that divinely confused waistcoat – onto the pièce de résistance: the Snow Queen jacket. Be sure to carry a similarly large, pointless handbag, where you can store your real clothes to change into before leaving rehearsals – something Rita unfortunately forgot to do.

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