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December 10, 2013

It’s been nearly six long months and, were you as odd as some of my YouTube followers, I’d be receiving a new batch of “R.I.P Ebony” posts by now. Fortunately, I am very much alive and finally, so again is my blog. It’s been quite so long that it took me literally ten minutes plus to remember how to even log-in, nevermind plan my first returning post. In regards to excuses for my prolonged absence, I’ve recently been so barrel-scrapingly skint that squandering money on anything, other than dirt cheap children’s ready meals, has been 99.9999% impossible. However, today I’ve been absolutely blessed by my lovely friend Cally who has loaned the hosting fees to me, after I got scammed last week by a freelance client. Should’ve realised it was a scam when they started asking me to write about pills that ‘increase semen production’. You live and learn, eh?

So here’s a little update on me. Right now, I’m in Dover (yeah, quite a far stretch from my usual Lancaster), escaping after the absolutely tyrannous first term of third year. I’m going to use this week to get in some reading, masses of chilling out, tackling my gargantuan washing pile and, all-importantly, catching up with the beloved blogosphere. Expect lots of posts from me in the next couple of weeks – reviews, post about my DIY vintage fringe cut, rants… They’re all coming.

It’s good to be back.

Ebony’s Trip To Cambridge/London: Day 1.

November 9, 2012

Hello! It’s finally time to get posting again, I think! I’m currently sat on the Virgin ‘Super’ Voyager enroute to Cambridge – though, arguably, it’s the slowest one I’ve ever travelled on. If you’re not a regular reader of my blog, I’m off on a little journey this week: firstly, I’m going to Cambridge Uni for the weekend to stay with my ‘bezzie mate’ Heather, before going on to London on Sunday in preparation for my week of work experience at Elle magazine starting Monday. I somehow managed to get the train this morning (granted, an hour later than originally planned), despite not having packed until about 9:30 – oops. Packed all the essentials: Kindle, MacBook, phone, nail varnish remover pads… Lush facemasks, y’know. Although, I have stupidly packed practically an entire week’s worth of clothes in a paper Selfridges bag – and it’s intermittently raining. Hopefully all my new get-up won’t end up all over Cambridge train station.

Today’s plan is to change trains at Birmingham then straight off to Cambridge – hopefully with time to do a little shopping when I get there, as we’re supposed to be going to an 80s-themed night out tonight (they call nights out ‘bops’, how strange?). I’m very much looking forward to checking out Cambridge, it looks absolutely divine from pictures – though I’m not sure my hodgepodge Northern/Welsh/Irishy accent is going to go down a storm with the posh and mighty. I’m sure I’ll update with some hilarious miscommunication stories before Sunday.

Here’s me, awkwardly taking an awkward picture on the train, feeling awkward:

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An ELNfashion Update.

November 1, 2012

I notice that, again, I’ve been really quiet on the blogging front recently – primarily due to the fact that I’ve been catching up on the past couple of weeks at uni that I’ve missed. Apologies, apologies, I’m finally managing to get everything back in order so I’ll be back to posting regularly very soon. I’ve also had my iPhone stolen recently, if you were wondering why I’m barely ever on Twitter either, these days. Here are some posts that I’m looking to write hopefully before the end of the week:

  • Urban Outfitters Gets Uber Criticism – Bought way too many dodgy products from there recently.
  • Urban Outfitters Haul – Picking the decent stuff from the crap.
  • Saying Hello To My New Macbook Air – Apple or Windows? Windows 8 perks vs. Mac functionality.
  • Halloween Feature – Potentially not the most interesting post, as we didn’t even dress up – haha.
  • Planning for my work experience at ELLE in London in 11 days!
  • Topshop/Urban Outfitters/Miss Selfridge/New Look New In Feature.
  • Cambridge Satchel Bag Lovin’.
  • Alex Christopher Event Write-Up.
  • Brat & Suzie Review.

And I’m sure I’ll think of plenty more soon.

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