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Spring/Summer is a pretty broad wash for different hair styles this year, so I thought I’d collate the ‘It’ styles from various fashion inspirations and influences flying around at present. And me? Well, I’m still hooked on a picture I saw in a Glamour issue recently: long, copper-toned with a full fringe – now I’ve just got to wait for my damn Student Loan to come through and it’ll be mine!

In Film – The Great Gatsby:

Finally out on the 14th May this year, the highly anticipated film adaptation of the 1920’s Scott-Fitzgerald novel is set to be a fashion wonder. I expect to see lots of Carey Mulligan-as-Daisy Buchanan hairdos walking around by the summer and, judging from the picture above: rightly so. John Frieda, the hair stylist for Carey and many other cast members, offers this advice for creating the look yourself (Taken from Heat):

“Apply John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum, £6.29, to wet hair. Next, blow-dry hair using a Mason and Pearson brush so the hair is kept as close to the head as possible and it almost looks cap-like, then use a small round brush just on the very ends to give a little kick. I used blonde wax to give a pomade look, then John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, £5.59, to hold down any flyaways, tucking behind the ear before putting on the beautiful Tiffany hairband.”

On The Runway – Super-Straight:

Can’t say that this’ll be a trend I’ll be jumping on: I’ve never been a fan of endless hair straightening and the consequential damage to locks. However, if you’re looking for something for the odd night out, this sleek look is beautiful and oozes model-chic. To achieve this flawless look, start with well-brushed, just washed hair (especially if you have a fringe, as the heat can sometimes make it greasy) and apply a good heat protector or serum. Then straighten to your desired effect and set with a finishing cream. Easy. As seen at: Derek Lam, Pucci, Lacoste and YSL.

As seen on fashion darling, Olivia Palermo.

On The TV – Game of Thrones:

Practically every single person I know watches this show and, despite not being absolutely crazy about it myself, I’m mad for the costume/hair aspects so, Daenerys’ plaits have to get a mention. I’ve already seen lots of tutorials for this look milling about online – though I wouldn’t suggest attempting to switch to her whiter than white hair colour, unless you’re lucky enough to have near-white blonde hair as it is. Check out this tutorial on to get your plaits onnnn.

Which hair trends to you think will blow up this season?

Which ones will you be trying out?

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