ZARA Sale Crisis – Help!

June 21, 2013

If you didn’t know that the ZARA sale started at midnight last night, you might want to just ban yourself from the Twittersphere and be done already. Anyway, there are some really lovely pieces that otherwise, I would rarely be able to afford and these three little temptresses have caught my eye. Out of the two dresses, which one should I buy? 


Printed Dress | £39.99, was £49.99

Dress with shoulder pads | £29.99, was £45.99

Shopper with braided handles | £29.99, was £39.99

Which dress? Help me out guys, need to buy – neeeed to buy. Drop me a comment or tweet me @Ebzo!

4 comments on “ZARA Sale Crisis – Help!
  1. Avatar Kelly says:

    I’ve banned myself from looking 🙁
    Especially after the Topshop sale yesterday!!

    I really love the floral dress 🙂
    Having a Zara bag they are just so lush its worth getting it full price, sale price makes it just that much better.

    Kelly ||

  2. Avatar Madie ;) says:

    Printed dress!

  3. I’d say the plain white one just because I like the shape & length more.
    But I like the pattern on the other one, makes it more interesting.

    Sally x

  4. Avatar Ivyanna says:

    Great pieces and the first dress is beatiful.


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