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I got the inspiration to write this post from the lovely Allie-May at TheFridayGirl and thought I’d have a bash at trying to compile my own beauty resolutions – whilst probably accidentally revealing my beauty-related sins. As a fashion/beauty writer, I’m a bit of a shit – I rely heavily on the prowess (and consequential damage) of face-wipes, I’m about as ‘tonered’ as I am toned, and I couldn’t sit still long enough to fanny about with all that cucumbers-on-eyes crap. Here goes:

  • Let’s State the Obvious: Down With the Face-wipes!

I’m a junkie, it’s true. Even if I’ve washed my face in the shower with actual cleanser, I’ll jump out with panda eyes and reach for yet another satanic face-wipe. On the whole, it admittedly doesn’t seem to do too much damage, save for a bit of dry skin and the odd concentrated spot of spot-related-mass-destruction. Somebody, take my hand and lead me to Selfridges and help me find something less lazy and blasphemous to my kind, please. Hopefully, once I receive my Cleanse Off Mitt I’ll take it upon myself to get into a new routine. Let me know if you commit this mortal sin, too.

  • Less Ridiculous, Stupid Insane Things That I Should Never Do – Ever.

Often including alcohol, but not always. These include wonders such as occasionally shaving my moustache off with a razor – yes. Yes Internet, I do this sometimes. Expecting some sort of blogger police to turn up at the house the second I press ‘Publish’ on this badboy. One day I will wake up with a full-blown handlebar moustache and know I’ve learned my lesson – but I’d probably keep it for a week first. Others include cutting my fringe when drunk – which I’m going to do tonight for old time’s sakes – given I’m currently sat with what can only be tritely described as a ‘fanny fringe’, so I can actually see my laptop screen.

  • Smoke Less, Smile More

The wonderful combination of both nicotine addiction and caffeine dependency is taking its toll on Nash’s gnashers. This year, I aim to at least cut down smoking – but moreso, I want to find a really good teeth whitening service or kit. If you know of one, please hit me up – would be nice to change my default bitch face to something a bit more chipper.



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2 thoughts on “2014 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover is excellent for removing eye makeup! I use that and my clarisonic to properly clean my face and remove any makeup. OH MY GOD YOU WILL GROW STUBBLE, but waxing my moustache isn’t nice either 🙁

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