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It’s 7:25 and your alarm’s just gone off, last night’s mascara is somehow still all down your face – despite the effort you took to remove your make-up last night. Your eye bags are bigger than the Chanel SS13 hula-hoop bag and the idea of facing the world makes you want to chew on your own pillows… Do not fear, these lovely items will leave you looking fresh and fit for anything that the day fancies hitting you with:

Combating sleepy-eyes: Clinique’s New Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector at £28.

This beauty will hydrate the entire area and ensure that your peepers are looking big and sparkly, without the big bags beneath. The product contains plumping agents to rejuvenate the eye area, whilst the massage tip cools and soothes away your sleepiness.

Darkness Around The Eyes: Bare Minerals Face and Eye Brightener at £22. 

This new product is a two-in-one, meaning great value for your money and more room in your handbag for those all important receipts and empty chewing gum wrappers that you pretend you always clear out, religiously. The product is said to: “Instantly brighten and revive a lack-luster complexion. Contains light-reflecting minerals to even skin tone while improving skin radiance and visibly minimizing dark spots and discolorations over time. Works for all skin tones.” 



You can buy this product online by clicking on either of these images, or you can find them in your high street at stores such as Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and sometimes in larger Boots stores.












Reclaim That Piercing Stare: Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara at £6.99. 

The cheapest option of the bunch and the one with the added benefit of Student Discount as it’s sold in Superdrug, is Max Factor’s intriguing new mascara. It comes in three colours: blue, green and brown – which you have to pick, obviously, in correspondence with your eye colour and it’s supposed to make the colour pop out with its innovative technology. The product says: “The formula contains light reflective particles to add a subtle brightening effect, and gem-toned colour beads which customise the reflected light to enrich eye colour. At the same time the mascara gives your lashes up to 300% more volume making sure your eyes stand out.” I’m debating picking this item up myself, solely due to curiosity as it’s definitely a niche that I haven’t seen explored before. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think if you have.

Aside from these wonderful products, the one thing you ought to be wearing, despite how crap the weather may be or how late your train is – is a smile. Scientists say that smiling and laughing can instantly cheer you up and others around you, after all!

What’re your go-to products in the morning to wake yourself up?

Ebony xo















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