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Recently, I was on my way to work, getting ready to put my face on in the car last-minute, as always – when I opened my bag to absolute shock and horror. My Lush lip-scrub had yet again managed to open itself and explode its entire sticky contents all over my make-up – my MAC brushes looked like they had STDs. So, after sulking away about it and having to rely on good ol’nature to sort the brushes out (wildly shaking them out of the window on the motorway to get the sugar off, that is), I posted a pissy tweet to Lush about my debacle.

Almost instantaneously, I received a response from Nicolas at their customer care team, who asked me for my number (wheey). I obliged and within five minutes, received a phone call which has reassured me of Lush’s wonderful customer service and ensured my custom for life. Nicolas was lovely: helpful and truly informative (listed all the ingredients in the scrub to put my mind at ease about the reversibility of any damage to my make-up). He also insisted on sending me a replacement for my scrub and, as it was Christmas, a few little bits and bobs to make up for the inconvenience, which I thought was lovely.

The parcel arrived on Christmas Eve, giving me one more present to unwrap on Christmas Day. Instead of sending me one lip-scrub, I received two – which was nice, as I could give one to my friend who was visiting at the time. I didn’t receive the same lip-scrub that I’d originally had and disposed of, but this time I got the ‘Mint Julips’ which I have since fallen in love with. Alongside these, I also received some seasonal gifts: a ‘Santa Sugar Scrub’ which I’m excited to try out, a Santa Baby lip tint and two ‘Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bars’ – one of which my friend pilfered. The glitter bar is brilliant, but it looks miles better on tanned skin than my pasty shade – I popped some on my nan and she looked like she was made out of gold dust. Party on, nan.

To summarise: thank you Lush for being a genuine company, who genuinely cares about customer service.

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