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I decided to dip-dye my hair last week – with the mantra “If Alexa Chung can do it, everyone can and should” dancing around in my head. Obviously, I’d need to bleach my whole being and start over, if I wanted to look anything like the gorgeous Chung, but she’s definitely a good role model in the ‘cool stakes’. There are a few types of dip-dyeing that you can choose from, if you’re brave enough to get creative on your hair. You can choose from standard dip dyeing which is the more hippy-looking option, with a block of different colour at the ends of your hair, or the celebrity-favoured ombre look, where the hair gradually fades into a different colour at the ends. 

I opted for a mix of the latter, despite formerly deciding to bleach a few inches of my dark-brown hair and slap a load of dark violet Directions dye over the top. With the help of my trusty friend who enjoys a good bit of DIY hair dabbling, we managed to create a slightly ombre look at the ends of my hair – blending from dark brown to a slightly coppery colour down to a relatively light blonde shade.

The End Result!

If you’re looking to do the same to your own hair, you can find loads of handy videos on YouTube which will offer you advice on exactly how to do your dip-dyeing to suit your hair. You’ll need a bleaching kit (if your hair is currently dark), foils and some gloves. Don’t forget conditioner for when you’ve bleached it, too!

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