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We’ve all been there. Something messes up in your personal life, or it’s just one of those days – and everything seems pointless. All those countless hours you’ve spent writing posts, collaborating images and data and you’re thinking – why am I bothering? You feel like noone’s reading it, you’re doing it for nothing and can even go as far to think you’re just wasting your time. This happens to pretty much all of us.

I’ve had a pretty dire week, hence my lack of posting, so I thought I’d write a post on not giving up – because I had very little motivation for writing until now. If you’ve ever felt like this, remember these key points about why you should never give up writing:

  • People do read it. Someone, somewhere will always happen upon your blog. Recently, I’ve found that search engines bring in the most of my viewers. Make sure you are very liberal with your tagging after finishing your post. Gossip Girl posts, due to its influence in popular media, have brought in quite a few views for me.
  • Those who read it, do enjoy it. When you’re feeling down, it’s so hard to remember all the people who say they love reading your blog – it’s so easy to focus on the negative when you shouldn’t. Maybe write a note every time someone mentions how much they enjoy reading your work, then you’ll have a list to prove to yourself when you’re feeling disheartened.
  • Even when you’re not blogging, the world’s still turning and the fashion/beauty world is still raging on. You may find that you get an email, or a tweet, or a promising new follower that offers you a new perspective or project, in regards to your blog. Latch on to that opportunity and throw all of your efforts into it – you’ll thank yourself for it in the end.
  • There is so much to gain from writing a blog! Get yourself back out there – remember you’re technically press now, get some passes to a cool event, take a friend and find new, inspiring material to write about. Events are a perfect place to restart your blogging love.

Here are some of the things, aside from those above, that made me realise that I needed to get writing again – pronto:

  • I got featured on the front page of the day after I had a huge, huge personal crisis – despite how upset I was because of that, I couldn’t help be excited that my inbox was beeping away with congratulations and followers that day. It all pays off, you just have to wait until you least expect it.
  • I got tweets from two companies, asking if I’d blog for them – two companies that I’ve never had previous contact with. See my penultimate reason above – throw yourself into projects and reap the rewards!
  • The realisation that, whatever goes wrong in your life, your career and the things you love doing can only be affected by the way you act. If you give up, it’s not going to just stick around and wait for you. This industry is crazily competitive and it’ll take hard work to get anywhere near the top, so you have to stick at it – no matter how much you’d rather crawl under the duvet, watch endless reruns and cry.
  • Events are still happening, despite me not being there – what a waste! I’ve already missed many days of Liverpool Fashion Week this week, that I had blogger passes for. I missed out on seeing Theo Paphitis yesterday at the Boux Avenue opening that I was invited to and that all really annoys me. However, I’m hoping to get back on the ball today as it turns out there are still press passes available for Liverpool Fashion Live and they would like me to attend.
  • And finally, I absolutely love what I do. I love writing and I love watching the view count go up whenever I write a post – regardless of how large or small an impact it has. My love for writing and fashion are two things that can’t just be taken away from me, so I’d be stupid to take them away from myself.

If you’re ever feeling down, just look through these tips and realise that you are making a difference and you’re appreciated for what you do, always. Comment below with your own experiences of feeling down about your blog.

Ebony xo

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2 thoughts on “Beating The Blogger Blues.

  1. Ah man, I totally hear ya. Sometimes I wonder what the point is and I do have to remind myself of all the great things that come from blogging. I’ve chilled out a lot recently though, and just post exactly what I feel like posting.

    Keep up the good work.

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