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I noticed that MUA Cosmetics (Make Up Academy, by the way) had an offer on, where you spent £8 and got a free Immaculate Collection colour palette for free, last week. Within a couple of days of seeing the offer, I placed an order for:

  • MUA’s new and coveted Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit – £3.50
  • LipBOOM 4-in-1 lipstick/gloss in LMK (Let Me Know) – £3
  • Their most sensible false eyelashes Lengthening Lashes Flair – £2 (Online exclusive!)
  • And the free Immaculate Collection palette, as aforementioned – Should be £8

So today, I went to pick up my order from the Delivery Office, then went into town (bad idea). I now also own these MUA products to boot:

  • MUA Lipstick in Shade 13 (Pillarbox red) – £1
  • MUA Lipstick in Shade 16 (Nectar) – £1
  • MUA Love Hearts Nail Varnish in I <3 U (Nude Pink) – £2
  • MUA Professional Eye Primer – £2.50
  • MUA 3-in-1 Extreme Contour Liner (Shade 8 – Smoked Plum) – £1.50

Oops. I will review whichever items don’t fall into this review today very soon!

Anyway, I was desperate to try out a new look that I could maybe wear to the New Look/Grazia Denim Styling Event in Manchester that I’ve been invited to tonight. I was keen to have a go at the LipBOOM colour as I’m right on the gothic trend that’s coming with A/W 2012, so I decided to go for a purple smoky eye with a very dark shiny lip – arguably a little much for a instore event but there’s time to wuss out yet. Another inspiration for this look was the Estée Lauder Vivid Shine advert, those colours are phenomenal. Here are some pictures of the finished look, along with how to recreate the look yourself:

Here’s what you need to create this look:

Base – I used a range of M.A.C products for my base – if you’d like to know what I use for my skin tone, just drop me a comment and I’ll get a post done about it for you.

Eyes – I firstly primed my eyes with the new MUA Professional Eye Primer, which works really well and evens out your skin tone beautifully. Maybe I was just being optimistic, but I put a little under my eyes too – in case it has concealing properties. Then I started on the colour by using Shade 19 (Lilac-esque) in the corners of my eyes, given that the pigment is quite shiny and would open up even the sleepiest eyes. For the main colour of the lid, I chose the slightly darker Shade 13 (Proper purple) and covered my entire lid. This was made a little difficult, however, because I’d used the 3-in-1 Extreme Contour stick beforehand, which leaves a bizarre sticky feeling after application – which left it hard to make the eye shadows stick. For the outlining and definition, I went with Shade 7 (Purpley Navy), applying around the socket and blending downwards towards the lashes.

I used other products after that for liquid eyeliner, white kohl eyeliner for the water line to really make the colour pop and I lined my lash line with a black kohl liner. Again, if you would like more info on which products I used, just drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you. It just gets tedious repeating your staples all the time! To complete the look, I used the Lengthening Lashes in Flair, which were relatively easy to apply, just by taking them from the box, applying a little line of glue along the rim and attaching to the eye. I’d hold them for a few seconds afterwards if I were you, and if they don’t stay still – pat them down with tweezers, as the warmth of your fingers may make the lashes stick to you!

Lips: For my lips, I firstly coated them generously in the lipstick side of the LipBOOM LMK colour, which went on nice and thickly – though I would definitely recommend a lip liner for this one as it smudged quite easily and once it had bled into my super pale skin, the colour didn’t really budge and made the look a little messy. For a cheap lipstick set, this is well worth the money, but you need to be careful when wearing it – it will smudge all over the place and I wouldn’t really recommend that you wear it if you’re planning on going out for a meal, else you’ll be reapplying for every course! To finish I just layered a coat of the adjoining lipgloss on the wand, which is a surprisingly pleasant colour and consistency (I was a little put off by the amount of glitter in the tube!) and tada, all done!

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