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I received this t-shirt nearly 3 months ago now, I’m ashamed to say – though I’ve had an incredibly eventful (though not always in the best of ways) few months, but I’m back on board now finally! I first encountered this quirky brand when I attended the Liverpool Fashion Live event last year, where they had a stall featuring an array of their quaint and quite often, animal-themed t-shirts and jerseys. Naturally, I gravitated towards them instantly.

Now, the shirt that I’m going to be reviewing isn’t actually on sale anymore as it’s from the Autumn/Winter2012 line but, I do hope that it gives you a feel for the company and encourages you to check out their latest styles at this season is adorable – I mean, who wouldn’t want to fashion a shirt that features a dormouse in a teacup? Crazy people, that’s who. Or jeez, a cat wearing an Aztec bow? Wonderful stuff.

The pattern on this grey wintery Aztec print t-shirt makes it the perfect addition to pretty much any outfit during the blustery months – especially on days like today! For my pictured outfit, I decided to team the shirt with some high waisted zipper shorts from Republic – but I’ve also worn it with a pink skater skirt, skinny jeans… It’s good to go with most items!

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Here are my picks for the new season at Brat and Suzie:



What’s your favourite T-shirt of the season? Drop me a comment!

Ebony xo

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