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Okay, this is going to be a wishlist post but, despite it being the glorious month of Christmas, I’m not going to make this a Christmas wishlist (though family members: I wouldn’t say no to these *cough cough*). Fortunately of late, I’ve been offered a number of freelance projects which, after my recent run-in with a ‘Manchester’-based Elance client who turned out to be from Nigeria (and, oddly enough, a bonafide con artist), has been blissful to both my mental well-being and my bank account. Here’s what has me a-dribblin’ this month (most of it is still painfully out of my budget, don’t fret):

  • Alexa for Eyeko – Eyeliner and Mascara Set – £35: Which came first, the love for liquid eyeliner, or the love for Alexa Chung? I will never know, but do I know that most of us fashion-types will jump at anything that Alexa Chung has even raised a perfectly-gelled brow at. After spending about three quarters of the year fighting with an endlessly running out Rimmel liquid liner, I think it’s finally time to treat myself to this beauty. And if I walk out the house looking even 1/1,000th like Miss Chung, that surely can’t hurt. It claims to nourish and thicken lashes with prolonged usage, which is an interesting concept. Truly, I couldn’t give a crap – as long as it’s blacker than my namesake and stays in one place, I’m sound.



  • MAC Cosmetics – Prime + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder – £20: Given my complexion bares semblance only to the likes of Casper the Friendly Ghost and perhaps Morticia, buying powders with any hint of colour often just renders my near-white Illamasqua foundation into some weird slag-line, patchy concoction. With the Winter being well and truly upon us, using an excess of moisturiser has become a daily trope – which is good for overall skin condition, but can leave your skin looking shiny post-liquid foundation application, so I’m definitely going to have to invest in this now that I’m out of Bare Minerals.



  • Regal Rose – Aku. Antique Silver Trinket Ring – £15: If I had the patience/bank account, I’d have at least one ring adorning every single digit I own – so that’s to be one of my new year’s resolutions this coming year, starting with this gem. For the rest, however, I think I’ll be heading to eBay – they have an amazing array of moonstone and amethyst pieces starting from £8.99, count me in. Goffff.


Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 21.41.14

  • Beauxoxo – Tartan Hair Bow Medium – £6: After Primark dropped that infamously popular tartan dress line, and I picked up the red version and the version that would match the above – I’m eyeing up similar accessories here, there and everywhere. This gorgeous hair bow hits the nail on its pretty little head, created in small, medium and large sizes – and, given I’ll undoubtedly wear mine atop of a high ponytail, I’ll be opting for the medium size. Adorable.

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  1. I’ve never tried transparent finishing powder..i always use flash toned powder but I’m really pale too so its hard to find a good sometimes I’m left looking but ghost like:)I’m now following your blog lovely!thanks for following me on twitter:)x

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