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I’ve recently been on a documentary binge and one of the most poignant ones I watched was ‘Hungry For Change’; a film centred predominantly around American nutrition (or lack thereof) through anecdotes of people who had either turned to juice detoxes or started incorporating juicing into their diets. I would strongly recommend you give this a watch if you think that you’re not treating your body properly: it’s surprisingly influential for a Netflix find. Give it a watch!

The documentary follows people from a vast range of backgrounds, including a former cancer sufferer, obese people and just your average Joe who wants to get a little healthier – explaining how they brought juicing into their lives and what it’s done to help them. The lady who had been diagnosed with cancer immediately took to a farmer’s market and went on a juice detox to attempt to heal her body from the inside, and now she’s healthy and despite being nearly 40, she looks like she’s in her late twenties. Given that the main focus of my blog is beauty, I think I should mention that they also like to refer to this kind of eating as ‘beauty food’, and it’s no lie – they either had a very handy makeup artist on set, or everyone had this natural, radiant glow. I’d kill for the same, being pale and prone to bad circulation and thus, blotchy skin – so I thought I’d give it a go to an extent.

The main ‘rules’ for this kind of lifestyle are as such:

  • No refined white sugar. This pretty much wipes all processed foods off the menu. 
  • Aim for the most natural diet you can – organic farm foods, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Attempt a juice detox whenever you can – from 3 – 31 days, depending on how much repair your body needs.
  • No caffeine (this bit will kill me, I will become the absolute camomile tea junkie).
  • Eat well-prepared meat and fish, but keep meat to a minimum – concentrate on oily fish. 
  • Water, water, water. Don’t think that one needs explaining.
  • Nuts, seeds and beans are also your friends.
  • Exercise! But nothing crazy if you’re detoxing – just a brisk walk or a swim.

So, as of tomorrow, I’m going to start a 3 day juice detox just to clear out any nasty toxins from my body and hopefully, see some nice results. I’ve also embarked on completely quitting smoking, which is going to be a blast (on Day 2 now…). Today I’m going to head to Argos and invest in a juicer and then absolutely slam it with all the fruit and veggies I can find. I’ll post about it on each day of the detox to let you know how I’m getting on – might even put any weight loss differences on too, for those who’re into your weight loss. On the detox, you’re supposed to drink as many juices as you can, with as much water. No food whatsoever. Another similar documentary about longterm juice detoxes for people with severe weight problems is ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’… Yeah, I’ve also watched this one recently.

Trying to prep for it today by getting into the healthy zone. Porridge with fruit and walnuts (and a cup of tea, but we’ll ignore that) – relatively good start.

Wish me luck!

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