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As a blogger with my account half-hosted through WordPress, I am completely unable to find any way of integrating the allegedly discontinued Google Friend Connect service. From the research that I’ve done of looking at other blogs using Google Friend Connect, they have significant amounts of followers through it – given its very simplistic and popular format. It infuriates me that myself and other WordPress-based users are missing out on these followers, as we’re only presented with subscription through email, which isn’t the most appealing of offers…

Google says that Google Friend Connect was abandoned in March this year, but I just made myself a Blogspot account in the hopes of transferring the GFC HTML to a widget box on my site, and their Followers widget is run through GFC – discontinued my ass. Surely, if the service is still running in great demand – with Google+, the service that was supposed to surpass GFC, not performing even half as well, what’s the deal for us guys?

GFC allows you to very simply follow other bloggers, with their posts then showing up in your feed – with everything automatically added when you post. Simple. However, Google+ doesn’t have that luxury – Seemingly, you have to manually copy and paste your links to posts onto your account, so that other people will get the updates. This is very time-consuming for a blogger who already does such things for sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr – and often gets forgotten about.

Basically, I’m asking – does anybody know of any good alternative? Or is there a way to get that pesky little box onto the right-hand column of my site? I would be incredibly thankful to anyone who can offer me any guidance on this matter as I think it’s chopping a huge portion of followers from my site!

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