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It’s been precisely three months and twenty-six whole days since I wrote about my favourite topic: make-up. So, with the wonderful Reading rain preventing me from wandering out to the gym/shops/every takeaway in the land, I shall instead bestow upon you my recent obsessive purchases from cult brand Illamasqua.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the brand at present, Illamasqua’s ethos revolves around a complete freedom of expression, which culminates in its cult following from drag queens and make-up artists worldwide – oh, and their pigmentation is definitely something to call home about. Whilst I’m also a sucker for fancy packaging, this brand really takes the biscuit and offers a jaffa cake. Have a gander at my picks:

Eye Brow Cake in Vehement – £15.50


Can we take a short moment to appreciate that dubbing of brows as ‘vehement’, please? When I think of my near-black power brows, ‘vehement’ is exactly what I’m looking to convey: true don’t-fuck-with-me brows. The ease of application with this product had me bought in no time; simply dab the brow brush (more about that later) on each side in the formula and line away.

Top tip: when I tried it out in Liverpool, the make-up artist suggested always starting from the middle of the brow and then “tickling” the last bit of product into the largest part of the brow to ensure it stays natural – no scousebrows over here. Whilst the product might be a little on the pricey side – especially when we take into consideration the £19 brush you’re supposed to buy with it – you only need to use the tiniest bit each and every day.


Angled Brow Brush – £19


There’s definitely a good reason behind this product being consistently sold out within Illamasqua stores – it’s a beauty. I have pretty thick eyebrows (cheers Scottish heritage) with unruly tendencies, but this brush always ensures that everything is ship-shape at all times. It may be the price of a good three bottles of wine, but unlike the wine, it will last more than a few hours days – more like years. Also, you can use this brush for defining other areas around the face e.g. defining around the lips with foundation/concealer for cleaner lipstick lines.


Sculpting Powder Duo in Heliopolis and Lumos – £26


This is one for the pale girls – who said we can’t board the contour train? I’ve got a bizarre face shape and thus, want to wear a bag on my head if I haven’t sufficiently chiselled out my cheekbones and jaw (or lack thereof), so a contouring set was long overdue. High street brands seem to favour legitimate sun-kissed tan sets which scared the absolute bejeezus out of me but, given Illamasqua are pale-friendly (have you seen my pale foundation piece?), I was relieved to find they had something suitable for me.

The set includes a highlighter which I apply first – under the arch of my brow, down the nose and on the very top of my cheekbones. Afterwards, I dab into the contouring shade, tap away the extra lest you end up oompa-loompa-ing, then apply in the hollow that happens when you do the bitter lemon face.


Precision Gel Liner in Infinity – £18.50


One of the biggest problems in my life recently has been the fact that I just cannot find an eyeliner that doesn’t print (actually, that’s utter bullshit, but we’ll pretend life is that easy *dancedance*) – I’ve tried them all, but I’m starting to come to the conclusion that it may have coincided with my switch to Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. However, I gave this a whirl last week and it lasted all evening, despite the pouring North West rain. The gel formula helps it set with more longevity, whilst the pigmentation is a glorious black-hole black; a nice change from my decrepit L’Oréal pen which had been greying rapidly.


If you’re feeling flush, I definitely recommend a trip to your nearest Illamasqua counter. Whilst it might be somewhat pricier than your average slap, it’s always a pleasure to treat yourself to the real essentials. And let me tell you – eyebrows, for one, are essentials.

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