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Today I went to Leeds to grab a Nando’s with a friend and pick up my laptop (nearly a month after I left it in @whenflowersfall‘s car boot after London Fashion Week). It’s been a lovely day, I managed to switch my studded iPhone clutch from Urban Outfitters, which I really wouldn’t recommend that you purchase, for the following reasons: when I went to buy the first one in London, the cashier recommended that I picked a different one as the studs looked like they were about to fall off – which I did and secondly, to add salt to it, the one I actually bought shed two studs within 3 days of taking it home – then my boyfriend dropped one of them under the floorboards trying to fix it, bless him. Yeah, steer clear of it anyway – it looks very cool but unless you don’t fancy taking your manicured paws off it for one whole second, I’d leave it on the shelf. Sorry Urbies…

Aside from that, I also gave into temptation and picked up a new bold winter jumper in Pop Boutique, which will feature on a OOTD post very soon. If you’ve never checked out the Pop Boutique in Leeds, I’d definitely suggest that you did – I prefer it to the Manchester and Liverpool branches any day. Also, if you’re wondering why they don’t do Student Discount in Leeds, whereas they do in Manchester/Liverpool, it’s because they apparently lower the cost price of every item in the store, due to the fact that most customers are students anyway. With a chunky vintage jumper for £22, I’m not really complaining!

The day was grand until I tried to get myself home and found myself quite where I am right now – very late home, slightly inebriated and rather angry. Here are some tip-top tips from the worst train-traveller in the world (I would not be surprised, were that true):

  • Regardless of how much of a reputable source you deem National Rail, do not trust anyone. If you go for that 19:08 train from Leeds to Lancaster, with the promise of being in bed with your boyfriend for 8:55pm, you’re being lied to and you will end up stranded in Manchester until 22:16.
  • On that note, check with the train station – they know their shit.
  • On top of that note, probably learn the main rule that I never, ever have learned: get the even earlier train, just to be on the safe side.
  • Do not, on realisation that you’re trapped miles away from your comfy bed, boyfriend and potential zzz-ing quarters until half-past eleven, walk around the train station fighting off tears like a derp – you will lose self-respect.
  • Do not add to this distress by not having phone charge and do not rely  on iPhone batteries because, despite how sleek and modern that exterior is, the battery is still shitter than a Nokia 3310.
  • Do find a Starbucks, plug in your phone and sulk until your phone eventually turns back on again. Also curse yourself for having an aversion to Android and their instant switch-on from charging.
  • Once charged, do find the nearest station bar and order the largest white wine that they offer. Breathe, call your best mate – laugh your tits off, relax.
  • Catch the later train and use the extra time and access to train charge sockets – blog on the train.

I hope you look past the slight bitterness of this post, haha, it’s been a long day!

What’re your fail-proof travelling tips? I could do with some help, it seems!

Ebony xo



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