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So the other day I ended up at London Fashion Week to watch the Timur Kim show, completely randomly, but there’ll be another post about that shortly – where you can read all about it. I went with two other lovely fashion/beauty bloggers, who you can find here: (PS. click the names for blog links!)

Here are a couple of pictures of my outfit that day which, may I add, I ran around New Look frantically purchasing the day before I left for London (I only found I was going about 16 hours before we set off!):

Apologies for the absolutely horrendous hair going on – I didn’t have my hairbrush with me and probably drove the girls mental moaning about how messy it was all day. I love the outfit but I think I nearly fell on my ass a good 6 times throughout the day, probably not the most sensible footwear to be wearing around London, especially when you have pathetically small Size 3 feet…

For my make-up, I’m wearing everything M.A.C for the base (again, if anyone wants to know what I use for my basics make-up, comment and I’ll post about it), with Lush’s new Emotional Brilliance liquid eyeliner in Independent, Estée Lauder’s new Vivid Shine lipstick in Black Cassis (had to buy as it matched my shoes) and Estée Lauder mascara – which I shall be reviewing very soon! This is how my hair was supposed to look, haha.

Every single thing I’m wearing can be purchased right now at New Look:

  • Matching Tweed Jacket £35.99
  • Matching Tweed Shorts £22.99 Approx
Unfortunately, these are no longer on the New Look website but they were in good stock in my little Lancaster store, so have a look on your next shopping trip.
  • Horse-Print Collar Long Sleeved Blouse – £22.99

  • Dark Green Quilted Tassel Bowler Bag – £17.99

  • Deep Red Cross Strap Wedges – £22.99

All images of the clothing will link you to the item on the New Look website!

What shows have you caught at London Fashion Week? What have been your highlights so far? And, what do you think of my outfit? 🙂


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