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On Thursday, I was absent-mindedly mooching through my Twitter feed as I always do and happened upon a retweeted post about a free ticket going for a London Fashion Week show. So, naturally – I jumped on it. I messaged the girl who posted it, who turned out to be the lovely Sam from WhenFlowersFall, who told me they had a spare ticket to the Timur Kim show – all I needed to do was travel to London with two complete strangers and contribute a bit of petrol money – sold! They had won the tickets in a MakeBelieve competition (a tanning company) and had a spare – don’t mind if I do!

So I ran down to New Look in town, as I’d been eyeing up this outfit for a week or so (see my OOTD!) and started getting crazily excited for the trip. I caught a bunch of trains to Leeds and stayed with my friend there, then met up with Sam at the crack of dawn the next morning – for our incredibly long trip down to London. Thankfully, both of the girls that I went with were absolutely lovely and I hope we all keep in touch – and even do it again next year!

We travelled to Nottingham after one stop at a Services where we nearly gave into Krispy Kremes, far too many cigarettes with lots of Spotify tracks – and picked up Sally from RainyDayFaces and we were properly on the way! We stayed at Sam’s mum’s near London and got a couple of trains and the horrible tube into the city – arriving at about 4:45 – then sauntered over to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout building to queue up for the Timur Kim show. There were so many funky ensembles seen in and around that queue – including a man wearing a tophat the size of another head on his own, a guy taking ghetto a little too seriously with his ass out of his bizarre shorts and a girl sporting some strange furry snood over a hoody – um?

The show itself was absolutely incredible, especially due to the fact that the layout ensured that every seat was essentially on the FRow (Front Row, for those of you who don’t inhale fashion magazines), as they were in three sets of three lines – and the models just walked around them. We were seated right in the middle and right near the incredible crowd of press, which was pretty cool.

Check out Sam’s post for more pictures!

What have you seen so far at LFW? What’re you favourite trends on the catwalk?


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