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Lush has been treating us to pure-as-possible treats for our bodies for years, be that through bath bombs, moisturisers or even their infamously addictive soaps. I’m an avid fan myself, with my must-haves set on Herbalism powder-cleanser and Celestial moisturiser – which I was visiting Lush to re-stock, when my friend and I were collared by a very smiley Irish employee – who insisted we must check out their new range. Always keen to check out new stuff, we complied and he brought us over to one of these bizarre-looking contraptions…

He then came out with a (perfect, I must add) selling-‘spin’ of telling us that he could read our strongest drives and facets of our personalities’, better known as ‘Emotional Brilliance’ – by telling us to get into a calm mental place, turn the wheel with eyes closed, then pick three colours on the wheel when it stopped that stick out to you most. Heather jumped in for a go first. If I recall correctly, she chose Ambition, Power and Passionate – and being a small-town Northern lady who clawed her way up to Cambridge University – I think that was pretty spot on, amusingly. The idea behind this, if we put aside the obvious of the clever marketing scheme, is to draw you in to these colours, let you try them on (the range includes lipstick, liquid eyeliners and eyeshadows – though all three can suit multiple purposes) and hope that you become, par examplé, impassioned to purchase ‘Passionate’.

Then I was up. I got Independent (I can’t decide if this was biased, as it was a black liquid liner and I was after one anyway), Calm and Ambition. Through the Lush guy showing us the colours that we chose, I have to say that they are beautifully pigmented, which I was quite surprised about – given that the fact that they’re about half-and-half natural to synthetically made. I ended up purchasing the ‘Independent’ liner instead of grabbing one from M.A.C, which is of a very strong black and has a little applicator brush in the lid. You may wish to get a couple of longer applicator sticks if you have shaky hands like me – I went back afterwards, asked for one and as always with Lush, they were lovely about it and obliged.

The only downside about the product is the price. The range is set at £14.50 each which, in my “Ooh, shopping spree in the Trafford Centre” silly mindset I didn’t even notice, meaning unless this lasts a bloody long time – I doubt I’ll purchase again, as it does seem a little smaller than an eyeliner I could pick up in Selfridges. However, I am glad that I bought it, as it works wonderfully – and I wouldn’t have been able to write you this post!

Try one out for yourself – there are absolutely tonnes of different colours to choose from – even if you don’t spin the wheel and let the colours choose you. If you’re looking for something to perk up an outfit for a night-out, you ought to consider one of the brighter colours like ‘Calm’ below – an eyeshadow/eyeliner, that you can apply in one stark line above your lashes (or even underneath) for a bold look-at-me statement.

Here’s a quick look at the liner in action:

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