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A few weeks ago, I attended the ELLE event at the River Island store in the Manchester Arndale with my friend Heather, on the premise that there would be a talk from Market Editor Bonnie Rahkit and free manicures – and am I glad we went! We arrived to find free Cosmo cocktails at the store entrance, which we craftily kept going back for whilst in the very long manicure queue – until we were somewhat inebriated in the best way. We eventually got our nails done by some wonderful ladies from Boom Nails, getting to choose our preferred nail art style from the likes of Aztec, polka dots, crosses and eyes in the queue. I chose baby pink with white crosses and Heather went for deep red with Aztec patterns on one finger and an  Egyptian eye on each thumb – very cool.

Once we got our manicures ‘did’, we went to check out the presentation that Bonnie was doing downstairs with some models that Heather and I had been enviously watching going up and down the escalators in their snazzy A/W2012 outfits. There were three main looks for the season, which Bonnie explained – one of which being the Blogger Look, to which she addressed the audience and asked if there were any bloggers. Holding my huge SLR camera, I popped my hand up and Bonnie told me to come talk to her after the show – result! Due to the excitement of this and the one-too-many tipples we’d nabbed, I unfortunately couldn’t tell you the names of the other looks, but I’m definitely going to be sporting River Island this season!

After I’d finished taking the pictures and the show was over, I plucked up the courage to go say hello to Bonnie. I told her about my blog and what I was interested in, and Heather jipped in at every possible entry about how amazing I am (best friend everrrr, haha) – to which Bonnie asked me if I’d ever thought about doing work experience for ELLE… have I!? She gave me her Twitter account and her email and, in my spazzing out, I started writing “” instead of “”, as anyone with a brain who’d just been offered work experience from them would – luckily she seemed to find it funny and I explained that we had taken very good advantage of the free drinks! I told Bonnie I’d email her the next day and we left the store on an absolute giddy high and then decided to go celebrate and get drunk in Manchester. Woo!

We randomly decided to go to Selfridges and check out new stuff (code for seek freebies/samples if you’re a blogger), and were slightly disappointed by the icy reception of the staff at the M.A.C counter – usually my favourite brand. Either way, I asked to try out a smoky eye look, just for fun – hence me looking slightly mismatched and crazy on the later pictures. Heather also tried out an eye look, then we left in search of food and alcohol!

We ate in Wetherspoons (good ol’student food and pitchers!) and, by then being so drunk that we were walking around Victoria station singing Laura Marling and the likes at the top of our voices, decided to take countless pictures of each other shamelessly posing for my blog. This lasted for a good while and a good amount of cigarettes, then a girl walked past us wearing a camo jacket similar to mine, that I love, so I asked her if I could street style snap her – and she agreed. This led to us hanging out with her for an hour or so and going to the station bar for drinks! Hey Tuesday!

We then caught our respective trains, Heather and I still gloriously happy on what had been the best inadvertent night that I can recall. I’m really glad we got talking to Sunday and I urge you guys to get talking to your fellow fashionable ladies – you might just make a friend and end up getting marvellously drunk with them! Here are some pictures of us posing – and taking a picture of some lovely guys that were wondering what we were doing! I can’t stress how good of a night it was!

In regards to the work experience, I sent Bonnie an email the day after – as promised, and didn’t hear anything all weekend. By Monday afternoon, I felt really stupid that I’d got so excited over nothing but about 5pm on Monday – An email from Bonnie Rakhit popped up in my inbox. (I’d even set its own cat meowing ring tone to go off when it came through, I’m that sad…), asking for dates that I was available! So I’ll be in the ELLE Magazine offices in November, guys! Can’t wait to tell you all about it! If you want to get somewhere in this industry, I cannot emphasise the importance of networking and attending events enough – you just never know what’s going to happen!

Ebony xo

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