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As I’ve mentioned here and there in my recent posts: I’m currently on holiday in Marrakech, lucky lady I am. But, if you’re a United Kingdom dweller like myself, you’ll be all too aware of the absolutely grim weather we’ve been having recently, so I had to do a last-minute high street raid for my holiday clothes – less than 24 hours before we jetted off, oops! Lately, I’ve noticed that the high street has been getting a little dull: Topshop’s gone on some bizarre and rather hideous sports-‘chic’/nerd rampage, River Island will always have a damp cloud looming above until they embrace student discount but, as is increasingly apparent these days: New Look is on the ball!


My first pick and the ultimate suitcase staple: the bikini, comes from Kelly Brook’s line for New Look, which is surprisingly adorable.

Now for the dresses – which I had to keep relatively long and conservative as Marrakech isn’t exactly Ibiza. Can’t believe that these two dresses came to less than £30 – not even including the standard 10% student discount reduction. Dang, I love New Look.

I got the rest of my pieces from Primark, which is another store that I used to avoid bar necessities – but it’s really sorted itself out these days. And hey, there’s little more magical than going to the counter with a £2 vest top and finding out it’s now £1: only in Primark. I’ll be posting about my holiday sometime this week – flight home is in 4 hours, back to chilly Manchester. So many cries…



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