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Favourite tracks: Idiot, King of the Beach, Post Acid, Take on the World, Green Eyes... Um, most of them?

I have to owe this post to the boyfriend, as he introduced me to these – and I love them. Dubbed most closely as surf-rock, the album is lively in sound but quietly self-deprecating in lyrics… And, from experience, best listened to cigarette in hand zooming around in the car, or thrashing your way through the throngs of people on your university campus.

Thrown in the Pitchfork Media’s “Top 50 Albums of 2010“, though at No.50, it’s definitely something you should check out. Now I’m definitely going to start on my essay, may even crack this back on for the 3rd time today for a bit of inspirational pep…

Spotify album link.

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3 thoughts on “On Repeat: Wavves – King of the Beach.

  1. You commented on my post about the killers making a new album, if you read it properly it actually says ‘following’ day and age which means it will be the album after day and age, you get me ;)?

  2. lol
    Wtf , this was about as zany as some slimy shit spill…
    haha jk.
    Hey, great writing(s) Ȝbbzzo..! e:h, umm :-3? IIbtw, where can I find derps anonomous:33..??

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