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If you caught my first post earlier this week, you’ll know that I’ve entered an amazing competition that you can check out here. I’m still without a laptop (how on Earth did I manage to leave it in Leeds!?) so my posts are a little spaced out, given I’m having to use the university computers as and when I can. Anyway, here is my second look for the competition – Outdoor:

Everybody has been sulking over the terrible weather that we’ve had today and I was no exception when I realised quite how little I had in my wardrobe in regards to warm, Autumn-suitable clothes. Cue a horrendous outfit of a badly-shaped boxy jumper, thick Christmassy shirt and my trusty skinny jeans – brrrr, it isn’t just the weather that’s grim. So I got to thinking of my ultimate winter-y outfit, and here’s what I came up with:

Topshop A-Line Peter Pan Collar Trench Coat – My ultimate winter coat has to be the Trench. Arguably, it’s only warm enough to wear until around November but it is so fashionable, chic and timeless. Whilst my much drooled over Burberry trench coat is still a dream of mine, this Topshop alternative will keep anyone going through the dull and miserable weather we’re currently experiencing. I’d give you some ideas for styling but I literally can’t think of anything that looks bad with a trench coat, it’s the ideal investment! It also features on my September Wishlist, if you’d like to check that out too. 10% all-year Student Discount at the ready here!

Original Price: £65              Discounted Price: £58.50                  Saving: £6.50

Current Total: £58.50


Jasper Conran Black Leather Herringbone Bow Gloves – These are beautiful! Bows are always a cute little addition to any outfit and these leather gloves would look so chic popping out of those trench coat sleeves! As I’ve mentioned on my September Wishlist (these feature there too!), wet weather and wool gloves is never a good combination and the city I live in rains more than I apply my lipstick… Whilst these do not offer any discount at present, you can always use your Debenhams card to get back some points from your purchase, to save up for future treats!

Original Price: £25              Discounted Price: £Same                 Saving: £None

Current Total: £83.50


Topshop Moto Llama Print Pinafore DressI was going to go with a safe jeans and shirt combination with this look, but then I saw this beauty and had a brainwave! I can’t get over how weirdly wintery and Christmassy the print is, despite being covered with um, llamas… The material also looks nice and thick too, with the cotton keeping you warm in the chill. The bottom of the trench mixed with the slight flare to the pinafore’s skirt will create a gorgeous flirty silhouette. Again, Student Discount cards at the ready ladies – 10% off this beauty!

Original Price: £45              Discounted Price: £40.50                 Saving: £4.50

Current Total: £124


Miss Selfridge Lace Tie Neck Shirt – I actually audibly gasped in the library when I saw this – oops. This is the nicest shirt I have literally ever seen. The gorgeous lace detailing can sail right on into Autumn and Winter with you, this would be my absolute Christmas staple. The tie neck brings a quirky mix of Japanese Kawaii styling and yet old fashioned sophistication to the shirt. It has also been recently featured in Look Magazine. If that wasn’t enough, Miss Selfridge are currently doing 20% off for students!

Original Price: £35              Discounted Price: £28                 Saving: £7

Current Total: £152


Miss Selfridge Elsie Black Pointed T-Bar FlatsLike in my other post, annoyingly the blacks on my image all look different as they’re from different sites. I assure you, everything that is said to be black – is black. T-Bar shoes make me think of Cassie Ainsworth from Skins, of daintiness and being quirky. They would look absolutely adorable with the pinafore and some plain black tights. Again, you’d have to take advantage of the amazing 20% off at present!

Original Price: £25              Discounted Price: £20                 Saving: £5

Current Total: £172


Miss Selfridge 120 Denier Black Tights – It’s cold so the higher the number of the denier in your tights, the more you’re going to be able to feel your toes when the chill kicks in. Arguably, these aren’t incredibly cheap until you factor in the 20% off for students, which is the only reason I’d ever buy £8 tights on a student budget (maybe aside from Pretty Polly and House of Holland, hmm…)

Original Price: £8              Discounted Price: £6.40                 Saving: £1.60

Current Total: £178.40


I am absolutely in love with this entire outfit – it’s screaming hot chocolate and ice-skating at me. Somebody teleport me to Central Park when the ice-rink’s out, please? Here are the final figures for my second look – Outdoor:

Total Savings: £24.60        Total Spend: £178.40

Hope you found this post helpful – happy shopping!


PS. Again, bizarrely, only some of my links are bold… Sorry!

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