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If you’re not sure what this post is all about, check out this amazing competition – explained in full in Part 1 of my competition entry. This next look is one that I was really looking forward to creating – Party! I’m kind of renowned for wearing casual clothes and jazzing them up with accessories, so I thought I’d pick an outfit this time that actually is properly worthy of the dance floor – I hope you like it!

Lipsy VIP Waxed Lace Feather DressYou can always rely on Lipsy for that WOW dress and this one is no exception. That amazing detail looks like it’s fallen straight off the catwalk (and unfortunately into the clubs of Lancaster, not A-List Parties anytime soon). Flirty but oh-so-sophisticated, those feathers would be a blast whilst you’re swishing away on the dance floor. Whilst the dress is pretty expensive, there is 10% Student Discount offered all year at Lipsy.

Original Price: £110              Discounted Price: £99                  Saving: £11

Current Total: £99

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Heel Platform in Fuschia Suede -Uh oh, I found a JC sale – we could be here a while. I’ve already picked out another pair of these for my next look, JC is at the forefront of women’s shoes – they’re always fantastic. The pink will bring a head-turning twist to the otherwise coquettish black dress, and everyone wants to turn heads when they’re out on the town. I guarantee in those beauties – you will. And, ahem, check out this amazing sale offer from Office:

Original Price: £105              Discounted Price: £55                  Saving: £50

Current Total: £154

Religion Sovereign Hard Case Clutch –  Wait a minute – is that an Alexander McQueen piece? You’d be forgiven for thinking so – at such a tiny fraction of the cost of the real deal! I can’t believe how gorgeously cheap this bag is and it’s perfect if, like me, you’re completely clumsy on a night out and have a tendency to break things – as it’s a hard case instead of a clutch (which you can also buy on ASOS, too) so if you drop your bag or, crikey I don’t know, smash it into a taxi door – chances are, your precious bits ‘n’ bobs will be intact. Your dignity… Not so much. Oh, did I mention it’s in the sale?

Original Price: £45              Discounted Price: £32                  Saving: £13

Current Total: £186

Urban Outfitters Moustache Hip Flask – You’ll be the envy of all your friends at pre-drink sessions with this little beauty. Easy for popping into your handbag for a little top-up at parties, everyone needs a hip flask – so it’s a good job it’s two-for-£18 at good ol’Urbz, you and a mate can get pie-eyed at the same time then, and they’ll love you for the oh-so-thoughtful £6 present! Don’t forget that extra 10% off for students.

Original Price: £12              Discounted Price: £10.80                  Saving: £1.20

Current Total: £196.80

So there you have it – an incredibly fierce and very expensive looking outfit for under £200 for your night on the town. I’m loving the savings in this outfit, you have enough for a snazzy jacket with the crazy save! Check it out:

Total Savings: £75.20        Total Spend: £196.80

Hope you found this post helpful – happy shopping!


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