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Nearing the end of my entries now – isn’t half taking some time but it’s really fun anyway! The penultimate look that I’m creating is: First Date. Admittedly, it does seem a tad odd to me as it feels like yonks ago since my boyfriend and I had anything of a first date – aww. Anyway, this is what I’d wear if we were going for a meal or somewhere nice and I wanted to remind him of why he fancies the pants off me (hahaha):

Boohoo Lara Sweetheart Neck Skater Dress in Plum – Check out the colour of that dress – how gorgeous? If that hue doesn’t bring out even the palest of complexions like mine, then I really don’t know what will. This is the perfect First Date dress – it’s flirty yet classy and, unless your the kind of girl who’s after the whole shebang on the first date (not judging… honest), it gives the “I’m sexy but respectable” vibe, which you always want when you’re making a first impression. And at this price? You can have a new date every day of the week at that price, haha. And if that wasn’t enough, temporary 20% off for us lucky student folk!

Original Price: £20              Discounted Price: £16                  Saving: £4

Current Total: £16

Jeffrey Campbell Aubrey Wedges – Oh my, oh my – you didn’t think I was going completely soft and girly on you, right? Every girl needs a pair of JC’s – that’s a given. His shoes have taken over the fashion world – stemming from the popularity of the Lita to the explosion of his studded, crazy-heeled beauties. These would look so fierce with skinny jeans and a slouchy top too, go for that look on your night-out second date. They’ll also give you that extra height (he’ll be loving those pins!) and pizazz when you’re strutting into the restaurant – and everyone will know you know your fashion shizz… You’ll be wearing JC’s.  Mmm. Hurray for 10% off at Office with Student Discount too!

Original Price: £130              Discounted Price: £117                  Saving: £13

Current Total: £133

Miss Selfridge Black Jersey Peplum Blazer -Blazers and trench coats are the ultimate classy jacket – this time it’s a blazer for a look you can keep on when you hit your First Date destination. Peplum has been huge recently and it isn’t surprising – it creates a lovely feminine siloheutte and, you didn’t hear it from me but, do that cleavage-lifting button up… Your boobs will thank you in that dress (and I’m sure your date would too!) This is a wardrobe staple and can be worn anytime of year – with pretty much any outfit. Great! You’d be crazy not to take advantage of the current 20% off Student Discount offer at Miss S.

Original Price: £30              Discounted Price: £24                  Saving: £6

Current Total: £157

Illamasqua Create Your Own Lips Set in Lipstick: Eurydice & Lipgloss: Lily-Rose – If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a bit of a bargain hunter – I hate buying things if I think I’ve wasted money that could be spent on anything from a new magazine or a whole new wardrobe staple… So I was a little disappointed when looking for make-up pieces for this competition, as very few companies actually offer discount if you wander away from the high street shelves to the scary heights of Selfridges-worthy brands. Illamasqua are an amazing company, I wrote a post about a few items I bought from there a while back, that I really wasn’t disappointed with. Their pigmentation is phenomenal – which is probably why they’re revered so much by drag queens – they love their colours! These colours will match the beautiful pinky shade in the dress and the lipgloss will make your lips look plumped and, just as you’d hope… kissable. By buying the two together, you manage to save £5 on the otherwise offer-less products – wahoo!

Original Price: £30              Discounted Price: £25                  Saving: £5

Current Total: £182

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Lacquer in Vertigo – How better to show your new beau that you are a sexy fashionista than by wearing one of the three new Fall colours from Chanel on your first date. Okay, I guess he won’t notice being a guy, but at least you’ll get double envy from girls around you: hot nails and a hot date – phew! Unfortunately, I can’t make miracles happen and, without taking Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty Choupette hostage, I don’t see any room for offers with the holy grail of make-up that is Chanel.

Original Price: £18              Discounted Price: £Same                  Saving: £None

Current Total: £200 exactly! Woo!

If your date’s eyes don’t pop out of his head at you in this outfit, I’ll eat my collection of hats (only two, but the point still stands…). Here are the collated savings from this look:

Total Savings: £28       Total Spend: £200

Hope you found this post helpful – happy shopping!


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