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It’s been a long time going with this posts, but here’s the last addition to my entry – if you’ve lost the plot of what’s going on, I’m entering the Passion For Fashion competition, which is explained in full in the first part. The final look that I will be pulling together is Office, which should be pretty easy for me – since I have a tendency to wear shirts for no decent reason. Enjoy!

Oasis Leopard Jacquard Pencil SkirtI’ve never bought anything from Oasis before but I’ve always loved their fashionable workwear – and this leopard print pencil skirt in the sale is no exception. Perfect for conveying that you mean business whilst still looking quirky and interesting, the skirt can be worn with a multitude of shirts and shoe combinations – great value for money!

Original Price: £40 Discounted Price: £25 Saving: £15

Current Total: £25

Oasis Colour Block Collar JacketThis two tone jacket is an absolute steal! You can wear it all year around, as all blazers allow – meaning your money can go on other interchangeable pieces to match the different seasons. The lines are powerful and boxy, but the colour keeps the jacket suitable for more than just work.

Original Price: £58 Discounted Price: £30 Saving: £28

Current Total: £55

Oasis Cotton Dandy Pintuck Shirt £40 You can’t go wrong with a well-fitted shirt, especially when you consider how often you’ll have to wear them at work – they need to be practical and stylish, just like this one!

Original Price: £40 Discounted Price: £Same Saving: £None

Current Total: £95

Amazon TeckNet iPad Folio CaseThought I’d be cheeky with this choice – given that one of the prizes is an iPad and I don’t actually own one – but if I did win, I’d want to make sure it didn’t get wrecked with this case! An iPad would be brilliant for blogging on the go and sorting out uni work.

Original Price: £22.99 Discounted Price: £15.99 Saving: £7

Current Total: £110.99

D&G Medicine Large Rectangular Watch How snazzy is this watch?! A statement watch is a great conversation starter and, what better to show off than D&G at under £100? You don’t need to tell them that though, I won’t tell… The bright colours in the watch go with the vibrant jacket – colour pop!

Original Price: £125 Discounted Price: £85 Saving: £40

Current Total: £195.99

Team this outfit with a killer red lip and subtly-lined eyes and you’ll be set to take on whatever challenge your work presents you with – in style! It would be absolutely amazing to win even one of the prizes, especially as I’ve just found out I’ll be doing an internship at ELLE Magazine before the year ends! Here are the total savings from this final look:

Total Savings: £90!! Total Spend: £195.99

Hope you found this post helpful – happy shopping!


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