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Like most fashion/beauty bloggers, I spend my mornings trawling through Twitter looking for something that catches my eye – be that the latest RT and follow competition, more recently gorgeous Instagram snaps from LFW or big competitions: like this amazing addition! To enter the competition, you must write a blog post containing 5 hypothetical outfits under £200 for 5 scenarios (party, casual, outdoor, first date and officewear), outlining why you would buy them and also incorporating a bit of Moneysupermarket by looking for ways to get things “on the cheap”. Everyone loves a good deal, right? Now, let me tell you the prizes: 5 winners will win one of their chosen outfits and one lucky blogger will win £1000 to buy all of their chosen outfits – and an iPad 3, just in case you weren’t content with that… Wowzers. So here’s my entry:


  1. Casual – £190.54

Well, a good 2 hours-ish later and there’s my first outfit – Casual. Had fun reliving high school and trying to remember how on Earth you navigate the Davinci Code that is Photoshop… Anyway! Unfortunately, you have to use your imagination a little with this selection, as Dahlia only advertises its clothing with suggested styling options – so picture the model is only wearing the dress itself, the collar isn’t attached either. This gives us a more coherent colour palette – with Autumnal colours being the main theme to this look – deep purples, black and rich burgundy reds. Here’s a breakdown of each item and the discounts I found (in most cases):

Dahlia Daphne Dress – I’ve been lusting over this dress for a while now, it features heavily on my blog. Brocade is huge for AW12 and emits a lovely sophisticated feel. Given that the company currently don’t offer student discount, I had a google around and found a 10% discount code for your first order – perfect!

Original Price: £68              Discounted Price: £61.80                  Saving: £6.80

Current Total: £61.80

ASOS Scallop Edge Satchel – I got pretty disappointed mooching around the fashion sites until I found this – how cute? The satchel brings an innocence to the outfit which I’m always after, a hint of schoolgirl is good. Discount on this item comes from 10% student discount all year around at ASOS!

Original Price: £20                Discounted Price: £18                    Saving: £2

Current Total: £79.80

Topshop Laser Cut Collar – After I realised that the pictured collar wasn’t actually attached to the dress, I was quite pleased as then I could add a darker colour to inkeep with the Autumn theme – it also looks similar to another Dahlia item I love. Got to love the 10% student discount from Topshop too!

Original Price: £16              Discounted Price: £14.40                  Saving: £1.60

Current Total: £94.20

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Black Plum – I’m a lipstick addict, I feel on the wrong side of naked without it on, meaning this gorgeous shade would compliment that beautifully coloured cardigan. Smashbox are pretty new on the UK beauty scene so it’d also be a great item to review. No discount here, unfortunately, but Boots cards at the ready girls – those points sure add up!

Original Price: £15.50              Discounted Price: Same                  Saving: None

Current Total: £109.07

ASOS ABBI Chelsea Ankle Boots – These beauties don’t even need an explanation: they’re an absolute Autumn wardrobe staple that get sported by the likes of Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe every single year. I love the discount on this pair too, such a lovely bargain and student discount usually works with sale items at ASOS – woo!

Original Price: £38              Discounted Price: £28.80                   Saving: £9.20

Current Total: £137.87

ASOS Leather Bow Gloves – I was really miffed that the colour of the image isn’t actually black, which the gloves are meant to be. Either way, leather gloves are going to be a musthave this season, especially if you live in a rainy city like me (poor you). Bows will never, ever stop being cute. You can quote me on that one. Student discount again on these beauties – so many discounts!

Original Price: £15              Discounted Price: £13.50                   Saving: £1.50

Current Total: £151.37

New Look Red Cable Knit Open Front Cardigan – This cardigan just makes me want a Starbucks gingerbread latté and a cuddle in bed – how Autumn can you get? I have an eternal love for deep red colours and this cardi definitely ticks that box. I can’t get over the value of this item, I’m tempted to just buy it right now anyway! Again, New Look do student discount (10%) too!

Original Price: £24.99              Discounted Price: £22.50                   Saving: £2.49

Current Total: £173.87

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer in Bete Noir –  If you frequently buy magazines, you’ll have seen the gorgeous new advert for the Estée Lauder Vivid Shine range – I can’t get over how amazingly pigmented they are! Again, this item would be a treat after all frugality of the other buys, as there isn’t a discount for this at present – unless you go into Debenhams and buy two EL items and get a free £60 giftbag.

Original Price: £14              Discounted Price: Same                   Saving: None

Current Total: £187.87

Topshop Black Lace Trim Ankle Socks – The lacy ankle socks with ankle boots look is very, very popular and it’s obvious why, as it’s so chic! I got a little crafty with the offers/discounts here as it’s 3 for £8 on ankle socks, I’ll just chose 2 more pairs in my other looks!

Original Price: £3.50              Discounted Price: £2.67                   Saving: £0.83

Current Total: £190.54

Crikey, kudos to you if you’re still with me there – got a little bit carried away with the explanations. I’m going to post each look individually as it will get overwhelming otherwise! I absolutely love this outfit and can’t wait for the leaves to start falling off the trees so I can start my A/W shopping! Here are the final figures for my first look – Casual:

Total Savings: £24.42        Total Spend: £190.54!

Hope you found this post helpful – happy shopping!


EDIT: No idea why, but my bold links have stopped being bold. Sorry about that…

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