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I’m now officially one-fat-third through my final university year and holy mother of maracas, it is absolutely terrifying. The prospect of being my own little entity, free from the cushy constraints of university life and academia, is as horrendously fear-inducing as it is exciting. However, softening the blow is the thought of escaping Lancaster to further, more hip’n’happening planes *cough* London *cough* and fabricating my dream flat (this is the biggest bullshit post ever written, I’m more likely to be living in my mother’s wheelie bin with my mangy persian cat, writing freelance pieces about erectile dysfunction). Anyyyyway, if the gods of goodwill somehow decide that I finally need my big break and I get a fancy PR/journalist internship in Central London, here are some of the drool-inducing pieces I definitely wouldn’t mind adorning my apartment: (this would be so motivating, were it not so easy to while away literal hours)

  • Urban Outfitters – Phlora Double Duvet Set – £50

I’m a big fan of florals but not the uber feminine look that often comes with them – so this graphic print with bright, anti-pastel accents is a must-have. Only problem I foresee would be my inability to drink a cup of tea in bed without throwing it all over the duvet cover – bright white with tea stains. Sacrilege. This would pair beautifully with a set of jewel violet black-out curtains.

  • FADS – Good Morning New York Wall Canvas – £69.99 

Until the fateful day arrives where I can actually afford to jet-set out of this country for good to beloved New York, this quirky wall piece will keep me motivated. Popping this beauty in the eye-line from my bed is sure to get my otherwise fretfully lazy self up and out, maybe even before lunch time – if we’re lucky. In the meantime, anyone fancy taking me back? I’ll buy you maple syrup bacon pancakes. Everyday. For the rest of your life.

  • Urban Outfitters – Attack Cat Rug – £14


Given by the time I graduate, I will have aesthetically aged by twenty years and settled into a lifetime of impending spinsterdom, my cat army will undoubtedly be flourishing. What better to fend off burglars and druggies than the harrowing threat of my cat army. Go Fang! Go Mittens! Kill.

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