Post-Work Haul (That Should Never Happen; Always Will)

October 3, 2012

Hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful downpour we’ve been blessed with today – I’ve had a lot of fun watching you all squirming around in the floods whilst in the warmth of work! Anyway, I ended up going shopping after work – joys of working in the city centre and here are some buys and sale alerts:

Ann Summers has a huge sale on. Yes, I bought stuff. No, I won’t be telling you what I bought…

I went into Superdrug to buy an umbrella and came out with £14’s worth of cosmetics and no hat. Here’s what I got – there are some pretty decent deals on. Kate Moss’ new lipstick line is out and I had to pick up the 107 shade that she wears in the promotional shot, it’s a gorgeous velvety purple. I’ll be doing a proper review of the items soon. The Rimmel London offer that corresponded with that was spend over £6.99 on the brand and get a free Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner Black (Worth £5.29). So I bought their lip liner in 004 Indian Pink as it was the closest I could see available to the lipstick I bought and then gave in to their new Metal Rush nail varnish in 32 – all of which I will be posting about as soon as my hair dries from the damn rain, in a Kate Moss-look tutorial!

Carmex Cherry is also half price so that got snapped up immediately – I love it, it’s nice and tingly and really keeps your lips hydrated.

However, my favourite buy of the day by far is this little beauty that I completely happened upon whilst taking ironic shelter in the Salvation Army store in town – a vintage Mitzi Lorenz bow hat – for a mere £6.49 not including 10% Student Discount! This will be featuring in a OOTD post also this week!

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