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My word – where to start? Despite the fact that I don’t harbour a complete wealth of knowledge surrounding bloggers’ events (I’ve sheepishly ventured out to one or two, thus far), I’m going to boldly put this out there: This could’ve arguably been the best blogger event that the North West has seen in a long time. I’d just like to say a quick thanks to Zelta, Hayley, Umar and Adam, a) for inviting me and b) for putting together a brilliant afternoon – and ahem, a free bar.

I caught the train from Lancaster to the event, with a uncharacteristically safe thirty minutes to find my way to the event’s venue: the beautiful Rosso Restaurant, relying on the ridiculously crap Maps on my old Nokia (quite surprised I didn’t end up lost somewhere in Affleck’s Palace, instead). Locating it in absolutely no time, I found myself one of the first people there – getting to chat to the lovely Nafisah from Twitter before the event began. Slowly but surely, an inquisitive group of us arrived, we were greeted by Zelta Denham (of Wingfield PR) and Hayley Oldfield (PLT’s Graphic Designer) and taken over to the area where the event was to be held. And, daaaang, were we impressed. With a champagne reception happily making its way into my bloodstream, we perused the Spring/Summer 2013 trends (denim, floral, sports luxe, neon etc) and got stuck in to awkwardly introducing ourselves (the awkwardness coincidentally dissipated along with the alcohol).

Overall, I was really drawn into the clothing – especially the adorable denim playsuits/dungarees – though admittedly, I wasn’t major for the Neon trend; I don’t love the brashness of neon and I don’t find it very versatile (pastel neon, however…). Though, I did have my eye on that green satchel in the background of the above pic. Everything else was divine and the only thing that could’ve topped the set-up was if there were pop-up changing rooms because I was dying to try so much on. I’ll collate a selection of my favourite ‘New In’ pieces in a future post.

After we’d had time to mingle, collectively coo over the collections and drink the seemingly bottomless champagne (I almost felt inclined to challenge the marvellously attentive waiters by downing them ASAP each time, but girl got classsss), we were seated at dining tables for our complimentary meal and uh, lots of wine. The menu was delightful and I opted for the tomato soup (which was far more eloquently and exotically named than I can do it justice), with a cut of pork that literally fell off the bone, for the main. Just when we thought we’d maxed on out free food/booze, we got presented with sambuca shots with the meal. Yeah, you did read that right. Being the all ’round lad I am, I rose to the challenge – and my soup rose dangerously back up my insides. Anywayyyy…

Getting to know other bloggers and fashion individuals from the North West was really lovely, and I bumped into a few faces I knew, such as Susan from SusanStylesYou, who I’d previously met at LiverpoolFashionLive – and new faces like Clara, Grace and Amy. We finished up with our meals, battled our way through the last of the wine and then got presented with our goodybags containing the complimentary gift that we got to choose from Personally, I went for the staple black pinafore (pinafores and dungarees are looking to be huuuge this Summer) – but they hadn’t any in stock, so I got this one instead and they’re going to send me the other one too!

Hopefully I’ll have a hold of this one too, soon – can’t wait to team it with a flowing long-sleeved cream blouse and some cute t-bar heels or creepers. I’ll put a OOTD post up about the stripy one once I finally get hold of a new camera (selling my SLR for something a little more ‘moochable’).

After we posed for this frankly awesome picture, in which I look positively terrifying (as always), we were led down to yet more champagne and strawberries for a natter with the PLT guys and a photo-op with our new clothes. Looking back, I literally dread to think how much alcohol I managed to neck at that event but, put it this way – I have absolutely no recollection of my train journey home. Oops. Being nothing short of bedridden with a hangover the next day was totally worth it, though.

Have you been to any good blogger events lately, or know of any coming up?

Drop me a comment. 🙂

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