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Yesterday I wrote a post about Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich foundation and mentioned that I was going to do a review of my new Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen foundation, so here you go. I’ve only had this bottle for exactly a week now: picked it up £4.50 off at Duty Free enroute to Marrakech and I’m already ready to rave about how good it is. Firstly, the packaging is lovely: as is characteristic of the Benefit brand, the name and colours of the foundation are quirky and fun – like ‘Ivory – Believe In Me’ and ‘Ivory – Pure For Sure’ and the bottle looks snazzy and modern.

Given its packaging, high SPF content (25 – perfect for my holiday in lieu of suncream on the face, nothing worse!) and oil-free ingredients list, Benefit have seemingly marketed this product for young skin. I wouldn’t say that it was a particularly heavy foundation and if you’re big on thick coverage, you mightn’t be a fan of this light, smoothing product. One of my favourite aspects about this foundation thus far, is the fact that it has a powder element to it and, even in the baking Moroccan heat; I haven’t had to apply powder all week – the finish is even and ungreasy. Another unique point about the finish is the ‘brightening’ ingredients, intended to make the light hit your face in all the right places, to perk your skin up where it needs it most. There is, alternatively, a powder version of the foundation, if you want a more matte finish.

I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a medium coverage foundation that isn’t thick, greasy or particularly bad for the skin. It lasts for hours, doesn’t go sticky or shiny and my skin seems to have improved already since using it. Seemingly suitable for all skin types = 9/10 Benefit, wahoo!

Tip: Apply with fingers to get the most even, silky finish.

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