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As a (ahem, self-proclaimed) beauty writer, I’m ashamed to admit this: I’ve been using my MAC mascara for the past couple of weeks, not even realising that it was completely run out and doing absolutely sod all for my lashes. I finally came to my senses and twigged that I was still, regardless of laborious application, squinting out of d-elongated lash-framed eyes – spurring a mad dash to Boots on the recollection that, when I bought the Hello Flawless in Duty Free, the girl at the counter was absolutely raving about the success of their new ‘They’re Real’ mascara – so I had to give it a go.

Dem lashes, guys. Dem lashes.

At £19.50 (or £19 from Boots *cough cough*), it’s a little steep in the ol’price range stakes, but mascaras last a good 4-5 months if you don’t walk round with half a tonne dragging down your eyelids everyday – it’s worth the investment. As always with Benefit’s products, the packaging is divine and the wand is stylish in that quintessential Benefit way that livens up  your make-up bag way more than a plain black Chanel product would. The brush is nice and chunky, with widely set prongs (prongs? I’m going with prongs, teeth/doofers, you know what I mean) which stop you from turning into clump-central and resembling a Geordie Shore reject. Or just someone off Geordie Shore in general… The tip of the wand is specially designed to make sure all lashes are separated.

Benefit’s application tips: “Position wand horizontally & wiggle brush from side to side, base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Hold wand vertically & stroke upward to curl & separate. Layer generously as desired.”

I would definitely, definitely recommend this mascara to anyone for every day and night time use: it’s not the ‘Number 1 best-selling UK mascara’ for nothing, now, is it? If your student budget’s griping at you, you can also buy a handy smaller version for nearly half the price in Boots. However, from reading the reviews, I would go into a department store and try it out on your own lashes at a Benefit counter, as there are definite mixed feelings about the mascara, with a lot of people reporting clumps (personally, I don’t think you’re wiping enough off the brush before applying, but oh well).

Have you ‘realised’ fakery with ‘They’re Real’?

If so, what did you think of it?

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