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Moisture Rich? They weren’t kidding.

After over six months of religiously using M.A.C’s Matchmaster foundation, the time came for change. Thankfully, this coincided with Christmastime so I dragged my Nan to Chester for the day to hit the Debenhams make-up counters: hard. If you’re pale, like me, you’ll be all too aware of the annoyance that comes with being turned away by nearly all brands with “We don’t have anything to suit your shade” and probably stick to one foundation for life – I do not blame you. But it got to the stage with my M.A.C foundation where I’d either lost some colour between the April when I bought it, and the December when I replaced it, or for some reason it just didn’t suit anymore, so change was a-comin’.

Bobbi Brown snagged me in with their delightfully pale shades and upon getting the Porcelain shade applied, I for some bizarre reason, was sold and chose it as one of my Christmas presents. Now, don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing technically wrong with this foundation but, as a summary of this post: do not buy this foundation if you have normal/combination/oily skin – I’d say dry only. Being only 19 with relatively young combination skin, this makeup really shouldn’t have been sold to me. It has a decidedly oily feel to it and after literally an hour or so of application with a healthy amount of M.A.C powder applied on top, my skin was an oily mess. Perhaps only coincidental, but I’ve also noticed an increase in breakouts which I’ve put down to the unnecessary oil increase on my face. The coverage itself, at first, is thick and luxurious: probably better for nighttime looks on young skin or as a staple for mature skin.

I’ve been wearing this foundation for only three months now and I’ve already gotten sick of it and switched to a new one: Benefit’s new ‘Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow! Foundation’ in their ‘Ivory – Believe In Me’ shade, which I’ll be reviewing shortly as I’m currently in love with it. I honestly can’t say that I’d particularly recommend the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation to anyone who isn’t in need of an absolute moisture infusion. Unless you’ve been travelling the Arctic for the past few months, give it a miss…

The moral of this story and my new makeup life lesson: always know your skin type before you buy. 


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