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A healthier way to nibble.

If you’re a snacker, like me, and health/calorie conscious, like me, you’ll love Graze boxes. You order them off the website and they either send you your own pre-picked punnets (4 per Graze box) or you can let them choose for you and surprise you (that’s what I always do). However, before you start out with your Graze-ing, you may want to note if a) You’re allergic to nuts or anything else b) Down-rate anything that you just cannot stand (mine was olives, bleurgh) as it’ll be a total waste of a punnet if they send you something you dislike. 

You can also opt for either the super healthy option called the Nutrition Box, where the calories are low and the fruit content is high, or you can get the Nibble Box (that’s what I picked) which gives you a nice mix of nice and slightly naughty, whilst still being generally under 200 calories per punnet. So ditch the crisps and chocolates and give Graze a go:

Click this link to get your first Graze box for free and get me £1 off my next Graze box!

Sporting a lovely Grazebox!
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